Improved Menus For Pressero Skins, New Catalog Management Feature, and API Phase-Out Deadline in Latest Pressero™ Release

Making Skins and Menus Better

We’ve given the menus for all of our Pressero skins a little bit of extra love recently.

Large menus containing many nested items have been tweaked so that the categories themselves are clickable.  Also, the next level will always open entirely within the visible screen, instead of flowing off to the side and out of sight. An example of menus opening on the left, where there still is room, instead of off the screen on the right is shown in the animation below.

Pressero Menu Improvements Animation


We’ve also improved the response times for menus opening once selected, and made sure that long menus extending below the bottom of your screen have a way of being accessed by users via scrolling.

Breakdown of changes for specific skins below!

Improved Main Top Navigation, Clickable Categories, and Viewport Improvements

Standard Skins:
Clean & Clear
Ender’s Game
I, Robot
Improved Legacy
The Doctor
The Post

Clickable Categories and Viewport Improvements

Pre-v6 Responsive Skins:
Bootstrap Basic
Bootstrap Basic (no sidebar)
Super Hero

Reduced Delay When Hovering

Post-v6 Responsive Skins:
Responsive 6
Responsive 7
Responsive 8
Responsive 9
Responsive Algernon
Responsive Algernon (no sidebar)
Responsive Clean
Responsive Ender’s Game
Responsive Santiago
Responsive Watson

Organize By URL Comes to Catalog Management!

People organize their products in different ways, and sometimes different products in Pressero share the exact same name, which can make Catalog Management difficult if there’s no way to tell products apart solely by name.

In order to help you find the exact products you’re looking for when organizing them, we’ve added a toggle to all three sections of the Catalog Management page called Organize by Url, allowing you to view products by URL instead of by name.

Pressero Catalog Management URL Toggle


Since all URLs must already be unique, this update allows you to differentiate between products sharing the same name as you sort.

This change affects how products are displayed to you in all three panes, and you can turn this toggle on or off on a per-pane basis.

Search boxes will also now return results that match either the product name or the product URL.

Pressero v5 SOAP API Phase-Out Deadline

As many of you know, in 2015 we released Pressero v6. Later that year we also released a new v6 API using the REST method. We continued to support both the v5 SOAP API along with the new v6 API.

In order to prepare Pressero for some important updates in the near future, we need to discontinue the support of the v5 API very soon.

If you are using the v5 API you will need to switch to the current method by December 17, 2018. Please refer to the documentation for full details on our current API, and let us know if you have any trouble or concerns by creating a support ticket.

Due to the updates coming for Pressero, it is not possible to make exceptions.

Click here for the v6 API documentation.

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