New Responsive Skin Release and UI Updates Galore in Latest Aleyant Pressero™ Release!


New Skin: Responsive Watson

Even Baker Street sometimes needs an upgrade! In this case, we’ve created a “responsive” version of our popular Watson skin for Pressero.

Responsive Watson Demo

Visually it has the same look and layout as the original Watson skin when viewed from a device like a desktop or laptop computer, but when users view from a tablet device or a smartphone, it resizes itself to work better with customers using smaller devices.

Try out the Responsive Watson demo here!

UI Update Roundup

Here’s a quick list of Pressero admin pages and UI elements we tweaked, updated, or polished in the latest Pressero release.

These are visual updates only, and although the pages look different, they work the same as they did previously when it comes to function. We’ve just streamlined the arrangement of elements, and some of the terminology!

  • The General Info tab is now simply called General. (Site > Settings > General)
  • The button to test a shipping method has been redesigned. (Site > Settings > Shipping, scroll to the bottom of page)
  • The way Carrier Accounts are listed when you configure them under Preferences or under Sites has changed from a column-and-box format to rows. (Preferences > Shipping > Carrier Accounts, and/or Site > Settings > Shipping > Carrier Accounts ). In the image below, the previous layout is shown on the left, and the updated version you’ll see from now on is on the right.

Comparison of old and new Carrier Account pages

  • The Page displaying your company Locations has been updated (Preferences > Locations). You will now see that your Primary Location will display first in the list of locations. All other Locations will follow alphabetically.
  • The page to add a new Locations has been streamlined. Boxes asking for similar information (such as name-related information, or address-related information) are now grouped together visually, and some field prompts are shortened. Example:  The field that previously said Code that uniquely identifies the Location is now simply called Unique ID. (You can find these changes at Preferences > Locations > Add New Location , and Sites > Locations & Departments > Add New Location )
  • The page to Import/Export Users has been visually redesigned. The functionality is the same, but elements have been rearranged to make better logical sense. ( Site > User Management > Site Users > Import/Export )

User Import/Export

  • Responsive Skins have implemented better “lightboxes” for products included in kits. This allows customers to click on product images in a kit, and get a pop-up window with a larger, more detailed image of the product for them to view.
  • Under Preferences, the General Settings page has had a visual update. We’ve removed the tabs and listed the content from the previous tabs onto the same page. Functionality, however, stays the same. (Preferences > General Settings). See image below.

Pressero General Settings UI Update

Therese McGady

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