Innovation and Creativity Spark at Aleyant’s Hackathon

What happens when you gather Aleyant’s development team in a room for a few hours and ask them to create a simple solution that will make a Pressero subscriber’s life better and easier? Lot of great ideas, of course…but there can only be one winning pair in this team-building event. At a company event this week, Aleyant employees voted for their favorite solution after each team presented their ideas. This year’s winners, Chris Beaven and Glauber Brandao, developed a simple dashboard called OrdersDash within Pressero’s admin that helps users track their orders in real time. So this means at a glance, a Pressero user could easily view on their dashboard how many orders they have received, order status and total revenue to date.

The winners of this year’s hackathon both received a Raspberry Pi 3 Model B and peer recognition at a company event this week. Congrats Chris and Glauber….keep the innovation and creativity flowing!

web to print event

Winners of this year’s Aleyant Hackathon – Chris Beaven (on left) and Glauber Brandao (on right)

web to print events

Group photo from company event earlier this week where we voted on this year’s hackathon winners

OrdersDash interface

OrdersDash interface