Instituto Tecnológico y Gráfico Tajamar Chooses Pressero as the Web-to-Print Tool for Their Students

Wheaton, IL, USA and Madrid, Spain. As a follow-up to an agreement reached earlier with GMC Inspire, Instituto Tecnológico y Gráfico Tajamar, a Madrid-based institution of vocational education specializing in the graphic arts industry, has chosen Pressero as the web-to-print (W2P) tool to teach to its Design and Editorial Production students.

The main purpose of this agreement is that students at the above-mentioned institution may provide more value to the companies that hire them through their knowledge of this attractive W2P tool, which is distributed in the Spanish market exclusively by Datafont.

The Pressero web-to-print software solution continues gaining ground in the graphic arts industry, not only in the business field but also in the education and training field. A clear example is this recent agreement that Datafont has reached with Instituto Tecnológico y Gráfico Tajamar for this accredited training center to use the Pressero web-to-print solution for their diverse courses.

Javier Rodriguez-Borlado, R&D Director at Instituto Tecnológico y Gráfico Tajamar, remarks the following regarding the reasons that led them to choose this solution: “An important aspect of our work is to understand the latest business models, among them W2P. In fact, this is a model that I explain in detail in class from a theoretical point of view, but it will be very useful for our students to learn to manage a W2P solution and to practice in a real production environment. Our goal is that when our students get into the labor market, they not only provide a series of ideas, but also demonstrate real-world skills and practical knowledge.”

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