Tech Tip – Identifying Fields

Di aleyant / Luglio 14, 2010 / Commenti disabilitati su Tech Tip – Identifying Fields

Is “Digital Copies,” or “Business Cards” just not enough information to help you and your customer quickly identify their job?

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Tips for Using Pressero Web-to-Print Solutions to Sell More

Di Lucia Blanco / Luglio 13, 2010 / Commenti disabilitati su Tips for Using Pressero Web-to-Print Solutions to Sell More

The answers to the questions below can make your printing service business stand out from the crowd, help you make new sales, and provide competition-beating customer service. How can Web2Print technology be used as a selling advantage? What are the benefits of Web-To-Print storefronts for your customers? What’s the best way to discuss W2P solutions…

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Our First Blog About Printing

Di aleyant / Giugno 21, 2010 / Commenti disabilitati su Our First Blog About Printing

Like many of our customers, blogging is a new communication vehicle and perhaps a bit intimidating. What should we say? Or maybe more importantly what shouldn’t we say? We likely will not be getting into the details of software development. Although our code work is a thing of beauty, only another software geek would appreciate…

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