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Offer Free Stock Photos To Your Customers Through our New Integration with Pixabay

The Interactive Designer is now integrated with the popular Pixabay free image site. Pixabay offers over 1 million royalty-free stock photos to their community and now those images are available for your customers to use when customizing templates you create and make available to them. You just need to sign up for an account with Pixabay and follow the easy instructions available on our support site. Select here for all the details.  

Create Templates for Canvas Products

You can build templates supporting three different types of Edge Effects for Canvas Products. We support Mirroring, Wrap and Solid Color Edge Effects. Once an effect is selected for a template, you can specify the depth of the wrap area. When your customer uploads their image to the template, we will apply the effect and display it to them in the preview and in the production file.

To use this new feature:

  1. Create a one-page template that is the size of the canvas without the edge.
  2. Go to the “Template Info” tab and look on the left side for “Canvas Effect.” Select which type of effect you would like to have applied to the template.
  3. Set the Canvas Depth (using the default Units specified in your account).
  4. If you selected the Solid Color effect, choose a CMYK or RGB color from the Color Picker.

The Image below is an example of the Mirror Effect applied to the template.



Add Choice of Forms or Interactive Template When Creating a New Template

Previously templates were created by default as a Form Template and you would have to go to the Template Info area to change it to Interactive if that is what you wanted. To save you this step, and to avoid that early confusion, you can now choose what type of template you want to create when you create a new one. This option is available on the template list page where you create a new template. See image below.


Change Made to “Create New” Tab, Renaming It “From Scratch”

We recently added the ability to create a new template from scratch (not needing PDF form fields or the InDesign Plugin) and labeled the tab for this “Create New.” We quickly realized this is a bit confusing since uploading the PDF is also creating a new template. To eliminate this confusion, and to call it what it is, we’ve re-labeled this tab “From Scratch.” Select this option when you want to use the Field Designer to build a template from, well… from Scratch!



Font Outline Option Added to Interactive Designer Templates

You can now create a font outline to text used in your Interactive Designer templates, and if you give your customer permission in the Rules Tab, they can add and edit the font outline as well. Set the font outline in the Format Tab for your Text Field.


eDocBuilder Field Designer (beta)

UI Changes to the Field Designer with More Exciting Changes Coming Soon

We moved the “Fields” panel to the left side of the Field Designer so that you can always see what fields you are working on. We also changed the behavior so that you will only see the fields that are on the current page you are viewing. Use the double arrows to collapse this panel for more working room on the canvas (see image below, and the following image for view of the panel collapsed).



We have the Page and Image Panel expanded by default. You can move from one page to the next by selecting the arrows or selecting directly on the page icon. You still have the option to collapse this panel using the triple dot icon in the center of the panel (see image below).



Searching for a field will show all matches for your search term and when in search result mode, you will see that the fields are listed by page number. Selecting the various fields will jump you to that page with the field selected. (see image below).


Additional Items Now Available in the Field Designer

You can now set a text field to use Force Fit in both Form and Interactive Designer templates. This option is found under the Font Panel. When enabled, you can specify the maximum number of lines and the minimum font size for the text.


Text Reformat is available for Form Templates and can be found under the Properties Panel ensuring the text entered by the customers uses a specific format you specify.



When adding a new Image or Text Field to your template, you will now be prompted for the Field Name, the Prompt Text, and the Tooltip. The Field Name is required to create a new field, but the others are there strictly for your convenience. You can add them when creating the new field, or skip until later.



Many more options have been added to the Copy/Paste Settings feature. You need to check out what a great time-saving feature this is, especially with templates with dozens of fields on every page!



And last, but not least, we’ve added RGB & CMYK Color Picker with the option to indicate spot color to Barcode Fields and Font Outlines.

If you haven’t checked out the new Beta Field Designer, what are you waiting for?! If you have, we’d love to hear what you think of it so far!

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