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Fill Fields with Color Now Available in eDocBuilder Interactive Designer

You can now set a text field in your template with a background color, and also allow your customer to create a new text field and fill it with a color. Text fields can be filled with eDocBuilder’s default color palette, a custom color palette, or RGB / CMYK color. It is not required that the text field has actual text entered into it, which allows a field of any size and color to be added to the template.

Here you see both the text field background filled with color specified in the field Format Tab, and also the new option for newly added text fields that allow you to fill a text field with a background color. No text is necessary in the text fields in order to take advantage of the fill color.

Setting Rules for New Fields Added to the Template During Customization

Go to admin > select template > template info > Text Styles and Text Field Default Value areas. Under Text Styles, you will need to check the option for “Can fill text field with color.” You can then select what the default color values should be, and what colors will be available choices under the Text Field Default Values area as seen below.

In the Interactive Designer, your customers can be given the option of adding new text fields to the template. If you would like them to be able to fill those text fields with a color, you will enable this in the Template Info area under Text Styles and then by enabling the option “Can fill text field with color.” You can also set what fill color you would like those new fields to display by default, and you can select what color options they can have when customizing (none=eDocBuilder default palette, a custom color palette you’ve created, or RGB or CMYK color pickers).

Setting Color Fill to the Background of Your Text Fields in the Template

Go to admin > select template > select the text field you would like to fill > Format Tab. Enter in the CMYK value you would like to use for your default background fill. If you’d also like your customer to be able to change the background color using a color palette, or CMYK/RGB Color Picker you may set that in the areas below along with setting the option to do so in the field Rules tab.

If you would like a text field in your template to have a background color, specify that in the Format Tab for the field.

If you would like your customer to be able to change the background color you added to a text field in your template, you will need to enable the option “Can fill text field with color” in the Rules Tab.

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