New Aleyant Pressero™ and eDocBuilder™ Release Now Available


In our release on May 31st, we added a color picker for RGB & CMYK Color selection inside Field Setup when you are setting color for Border Color on Image Fields and Text Color on Text Fields. We will be adding the option of setting colors via a picker to other areas in an upcoming release.


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eDocBuilder Field Designer

Have you tried out the new Field Designer Yet? Give it a try if you haven’t already and send your feedback. When we asked our Professional Services Department how they like it so far, they said  “It’s so much faster to customize all the fields and get them positioned correctly. And being able to commit changes right there and keep right on going is amazing!”

Here are some of the most recent updates to the Field Designer:

  • You can now set the Field Usage for Text and Image Fields (Visible in proof only, production only, both proof and production, or hidden in both proof and production).
  • You can set a block of text in a Form Based Template to use Center or Right Alignment.
  • When using the undo/redo action in the Field Designer, we recognize that not all changes made are seen on the canvas, but instead are changes that were made in the various panel settings. To help you understand where your changes are happening, we will display a yellow glow in the specific areas within the designer when applying these actions.
  • Added a “Full Screen” icon to the navigation bar to bring more attention to this helpful option. Previously this view was only accessible from the View menu.
  • Repeat Field functionality has been added.
  • Added support for RGB with spot color.
  • Auto-expand the current page when making a selection in the Fields area.

More functionality will be added with every release so check back often!


Share More with Zapier

We now offer the option of passing the HTML text of the calculator parameters chosen in pricing engine to Zapier. Look for OptionsText in the list of properties that are available when you configure your trigger. This way you can pass the name of the product, the options selected in the pricing calculator along with price to 3rd party applications supported by Zapier. Check out our documentation area for more information regarding our integration with Zapier here.

New Catalog Folder Added to the Navigation Structure in Pressero Admin

We have reorganized the Admin Navigation under Sites to prepare for an upcoming enhancement to Pressero. You will find a new item labeled “Catalog” under the Sites folder. Expand this new area to find links to your Categories, Products, and Inventory. In an upcoming release, we will add a new option in this Catalog folder for Product & Category Organization that will make assigning categories and products easier and provide more insight into what products are assigned to each of your categories.


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Updated and Enhanced Integration with OnPoint’s Acceleship Shipping Software

Acceleship is the latest integrated solution we have moved to our popular Embedded Services integration plugin.

One of the most interesting features of the Embedded Service is the capability of Pushing orders to an external partner. Once the order matches all the requirements, Pressero will push the order to the external service. After that, a new tab will be displayed on the Order Item details page, where you will be able to see the integration details, and if necessary will allow you to re-push the order again manually. Depending on the external service, updating order status operation can be done automatically (when it’s a bidirectional integration) or manually. While the Acceleship integration does not currently allow for a bidirectional connection, this will soon change.

Some of the unique features added to the Acceleship integration include:

  • Added an optional integration ID field for each shipping method defined. This would be set in Admin (and available via API).
  • When passing order information to OnPoint, we will pass the integration ID rather than the method name, if it exists. Otherwise, we will pass the method name.
  • This new integration now features a hidden property where OnPoint can set the shipping method using the integration ID.

All customers using the integration with Acceleship will need to have their integration migrated to this new method, you can contact our support department here  to schedule a time that works for you. All others that are interested in learning more about the integration with OnPoint Acceleship can contact our sales team at

Other Pressero Changes in This Release:

  • Allow address search in the “Bill To” dropdown shown on the Checkout page in the storefront while ordering.
  • Provide an Error/Warning message if an Admin User tries to delete a Product Attribute that is assigned to a Product. The assignment must be removed before you can delete the attribute.
  • For those using the Pressero v6 API, we’ve made two changes in this release.
    • We’ve added functionality to determine what Site Groups a user belongs to. The user data payload will now return the usergroup information, so you don’t need to query a new endpoint, the user data will have the information.
    • “UOMQuantity” and “TotalQuantity” have been added to the OrderItemID.

For more information regarding Pressero, please visit

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