Latest Aleyant Pressero™ and eDocBuilder™ Release Now Available


  • We added a RGB & CMYK Color Picker selector inside the Field Setup area of Admin for Fill Color on Text Fields, for Barcode Fields, and for Font Outline on Text Fields. In the last eDocBuilder update, we told you that we added the Color Picker when you are setting color for Border Color on Image Fields and Text Color on Text Fields. This release completes the various color selections when you are creating your templates.

  • You will now notice that a loading icon has been added to the template when your customer selects a Font Effect. The Font Effect action is not immediate and so we wanted to eliminate any confusion your customers may have when using it.

eDocBuilder Field Designer 

  • We have extended the maximum height and width of the Field Designer (FD) to make use of the full width and height of the browser being used.

  • We added a Cut/Paste action for fields which allows you to cut a field and paste it onto another page in your template, bringing with it all the settings you defined in the original field. You will find this option on the Navigation menu under “Edit” (See image below).
  • Also under the Edit menu, you can now Copy/Paste the Settings from one field to another. This new feature will be most helpful when you have multiple fields in your template that all share similar settings. At this time, you can copy the settings from the Property and Rules panels but other settings will be coming soon! (See following image for the items ready to be copied now).


Find the Copy Settings option under Edit > Copy Settings.



In the image above you can see the various settings that can be copied from one field to another. More setting options coming soon.


GDPR and Your Pressero Websites

As many of you are aware, on May 25, 2018 the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) went into effect. This is a European Union (EU) law designed to give EU citizens control over their personal data and to change the way businesses handle their personal data. You may be wondering if this law applies to your business. It does if your website or storefront has visitors from any of the European Union countries. So if this does apply to you, then you need to educate yourself so that your business is compliant with the law and avoids the potential for some heavy fines.

We have made several changes in Pressero to help you with the requirements you will need to be compliant with these new regulations in relation to your Pressero websites. Select here to visit our support portal for all the details. 

New Shipping Integration with DHL

We now have an integration with DHL Courier service. We are looking for customers who would like to set this up and help test it in a live environment. If you are using DHL and would like to work with us so we can make sure everything is working perfectly, please submit a ticket to our support team here

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