Latest Aleyant Pressero™ and eDocBuilder™ Release Now Available

Increased Security on Login

In order to further protect your account from a bruteforce attack, we have increased the security when logging in to your eDocBuilder and Pressero accounts. The change will limit failed login attempts from a given IP address to 10 attempts within a 10 minute timeframe. The user will be warned after 8 failed attempts that after 10 attempts, they will be locked out of the account for 10 minutes. Once the 10 minutes has passed, users and their customers will be able to try again. Continue reading for specific information for each of these two products.


If you are the master account user and you find yourself locked out because you cannot recall your master password and you need it to be reset, please contact our support department. For all other admin users, they should contact your master user for help with the password. In future updates, we will give the master account user the ability to unlock other admin users before the 10 minute window.


Pressero has logins for both the admin area and also the various websites you manage.

Admin – If you are an Admin user and you cannot recall your master password, you should contact another admin user at your organization that can reset your password for you.

Storefronts – In the next release, admin users will be able to change the number of attempts and the amount of time those failed attempts can happen before being locked out. In the future, we will also be adding a way for you to unlock your customers accounts before the 10 minute window.  


New Payment and Shipping Provider’s Available

  • We have added CobrosYA as a new payment method for our subscribers in Uruguay. For more information, visit here:

  • We are now integrated with SpeeDee Shipping Carrier. They cover the Upper Midwest region of the US (North and South Dakota, Nebraska, Iowa, Wisconsin, Minnesota, and Illinois). For more information, visit here:

Guest Checkout Instructions

As most know, you can add custom instructions to most areas of a Pressero storefront. Based on many requests, users can now add custom instructions to the top of the Guest Checkout form that is presented to your customers when they choose to check out as a guest.

guest checkout instructions

New Skin Option – Responsive Ender’s Game

A responsive version of our most popular standard skin “Ender’s Game” has been added to the lineup of skin options you can select. This skin has been thoroughly improved with all the latest features.

enders game skin

Easier to Read Job Detail Reports

In order to make long lists of Order Item Details displayed on your Order Reports easier to read, we have reformatted the area with line breaks and by bolding the choices made by your customer’s while ordering. See the screenshot below to see how the new area will display.

Item option details update

For more information regarding Pressero, please visit