Latest Aleyant Pressero™ & eDocBuilder™ Releases Now Available

Pressero Admin Updates

Search Added for Sites
For subscribers with a great number of sites, we recognize that it wasn’t always easy to quickly locate the site you need. In order to make this easier, we have added a search box that will search on both the site name and also the site URL. For those situations where you need to make changes to multiple sites that are similar, we will hold the search results while you update various site settings until you clear the filter.

site search

Cancelled Orders Now Show Red Status Bar
To make it easier at a glance to see which orders are cancelled, we are now color coding the status bar in the Order Summary red. If you are using a custom workflow, make sure your cancelled status has a meaning of Order Cancelled in the workflow setup in order to take advantage of this helpful change. The default workflow will begin showing this immediately.

cancelled status

Increased Insight into the Status of Payments in Your Account
We’ve had feedback that there is sometimes confusion as to the payment status of an order when your account supports multiple types of payment requirements. Pressero supports various methods of payment:

  • Pay on Terms (non integrated methods) – The customer can complete the order without making a payment. In this scenario, you will invoice the customer outside of Pressero.
  • Backward payment method – A popular example of this would be PayPal Standard in which the customer places the order and then is directed to the PayPal site for payment. In this situation, you are waiting to process the order until you get feedback from the provider that the payment was successful.
  • Forward payment method – In this scenario, the credit card is processed on the Pressero storefront so we will update you as to whether the process was successful or not.

When you have an account that uses more than one of these methods it can be confusing to immediately know if an order is ready to begin processing. We’ve added some helpful icons and color codes to help you.

Green check when item is paid. This could be when a forward or backward method has been successful, or when you edit the order marking it paid.

Empty box when item is Paid on Terms (non integrated method). No payment was required in the store.

Yellow clock icon will display when an item is waiting for a backward method to send information about the payment.

Red X will display when the store required a credit card but it was denied.

Increased Insight into the Status of Approvals
Following the same idea as the payment column, we’ve also added some helpful icons and color codes for the Approval Status of your orders:

Green check when order item is Approved.

Red “X” when order item is Denied.

Yellow clock icon when an order item is Waiting on Approval.

approve with change
Red check when an order is approved with changes.

Tag for Upload Fields
Earlier this year we introduced File Upload Tags with the primary purpose of being able to assign a Name to each of the uploads being prompted for on the product pages and push that information to a 3rd party solution that you may be integrated with. With this release, we are now appending the name of the upload with the Tag so that any of our customers, regardless if an integration is in place or not, can take advantage of the added detail. See screenshots below:

tags in product

In the screenshot above, you will see that a Tag has been added for each of the upload prompts.


product page for tag

In this screenshot, you can see the names of the files being uploaded on the product page.


files in order

And finally we see how Pressero will display the uploaded files in the order area. Notice that the Tag for each upload is included with the file name. This allows you to see which file was uploaded to which of the upload fields.

eDocBuilder Updates

New InDesign Plugins Available
View here  for updated plugins for InDesign CC 2018.

Default Text on “Approve / Checkout” Button in the Interactive Designer Seen by Pressero Customers Changed to “Finished Editing”
We’ve changed the approval button in the Interactive Designer to say Finished Editing. We believe this wording better represents what the customer is doing at this stage. After editing, they are brought to the approval screen and then if they approve the template, the product is added to the shopping cart. This is the same wording seen by eDocBuilder customers integrating with another e-commerce solution.

original button

In the screenshot above, we see the previous wording “Approve / Checkout.”

finished editing

The screenshot here shows the new text “Finished Editing.”

Limit VDP on Form Templates to Desktop Upload Only by Disabling Pressero Assets

Previously when you made Variable Data files available to your customer through Pressero assets, eDocBuilder would provide a drop down option in the template allowing the customer to use those VDP files in the template. There are cases where you may not want them to see these assets but instead only have them upload the file from their desktop. So that you can make the decision on whether to provide VDP files, we have provided an option at the template level to disable Pressero assets for VDP fields used in the template. You will find this option in the Template Info tab > Variable Data Fields > Option: “Disable assets coming Pressero for VDP fields.” When selected, the customer must upload a VDP file from their desktop when presented with a VDP upload prompt in the template. Any database asset files available will not be presented as an option.

disable assets

For more information regarding eDocbuilder Online VDP and Design and Pressero Web-to-Print, please visit