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Select Which Prompts to Display on the Create Account Form

Many of the prompts your new customers have to complete when signing up are necessary for processing their orders, but not all of them are. The trend is to make signing up for an account as easy as possible, so why not have control over these unnecessary prompts? With this release, you can now decide if you want to hide certain prompts on the Create Account Form, and you can also make them required if you would like to make sure they are part of the User’s Profile. To make these changes, go to: Admin > Sites [select site] > Users > Profile Fields. Here you will see a list of all the prompts available on the Create Account Form. The changes are handled with in-line editing, so if a prompt is not required by the system, and you want to edit how it displays, simply select the pencil icon and then check one or both of the boxes “Active on Form” and/or “Required.” Prompts that do not have a pencil icon are required by Pressero so no editing is available.


A New Users folder has been added to the Navigation structure in Pressero Admin. Inside this new folder you will find Site Users, Site Groups and the new area Profile Fields.

User Site Group Selection Now Available on the Create Account Form

Being able to ask new users as they are signing up to select a Site Group has been a popular request. Now that we have added a way for you to make a decision on whether you would like the prompt to be included on the form or not, we are able to make this option possible. Most likely you do not want all your Groups to be an option, so you will first need to select which Groups to include on the Create Account Form and then you can enable it. To add the Site Group selection to your customers, go to Create Account Form, then follow the steps below:

Go to Admin > Sites [Select Site] > Users > Site Groups. Next select the pencil icon in front of each of the Groups you want your customers to have available on the form. On the Site Group detail page, you will see a new option “Available to Self Signup Users,” select that box. This will allow this particular Group to be an available choice when you add the Group Selection to your form. See image below.



Once you have selected each of the groups you want to have available on the form, select the new “Profile Fields” option below Site Groups. You will find the new Site Group option at the bottom of the list. Select the pencil icon which will enable inline editing. If you would only like the prompt to be available on the form, but not required, select only the box in the “Active on Form” column. If you would also like the prompt to be required, select “Required” as well. When you are done, select the green check mark. See image below.



Now when your customers create their account, the Site Group selection will be shown on the form. This is a drop-down selection and only one group can be selected on the form. If you did not make the option required and your customer fails to make a selection, we will use the group(s) selected on your New User Default page. See image below.



Enhanced Functionality Added to File Upload Fields

We are now displaying the files previously uploaded on the Product Page when a customer edits an item from the Shopping Cart. We made this change so your customers know they do not have to re-upload their files if they edit the product. In this new view they can also choose to remove one of the files they uploaded and/or replace it with a new file.



Removed the Requirement that a Product Must Be Assigned to a Category

As most of you are aware, Pressero had always required that every product had to be assigned to a category. There are situations where this was not wanted and so we have removed this requirement. You can now link directly to a product from a page within your site without having that product appear in any particular category. You can also wait to make the category assignment until you are ready to make the product public, there are many ways this change can be helpful to you. The product will still show if it is a Featured Product, added directly to the Navigation, or is part of a Kit. This change only removes the Category assignment.

New Skin Option – Responsive Santiago
A responsive version of one of our most popular standard skins “Santiago” has been added to the lineup of skin options you can choose from. This skin features all Pressero functionality that can be customized through the admin interface. Plus many more new features that the previous version did not have.

The design features 4 navigation areas, a customizable home page banner widget, a left sidebar and faster loading smaller product images throughout the site. This skin now has new featured product areas, and an expanded well designed footer, plus 80 different colors to customize.



Added “View Detail” Button to Product Quick View

We recognized that when using the Product Quick View option, it was not immediately understood that you could go to a detail view, or how exactly to do that. To improve this experience, we have now added a new button directly below Quick View for View Detail.  See image below.



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