Latest Aleyant Pressero™ Release Now Available

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Captcha Enabled on Forms by Default

Previously when you created a new Form on a Page in a B2C Site, you had to specifically enable the Captcha on the form. With this change, new forms will have the Captcha option selected by default.


It is highly recommended to use Captchas on your forms to make sure a human is completing them instead of a computer robot which could send hundreds if not thousands of spam responses.


To enable or disable a Captcha for forms displaying on your pages in a B2C site, go to: Admin > Sites [select site] > Pages [select edit page] > Forms Tab.

Updates to Asset Area in Storefront

The following changes have been made to the Asset area on the Customer Storefronts:


  • To make it easier to manage a large number of assets and have the assets load faster, we have added paging.

  • By default, the images associated with an Asset will be smaller in size. We’ve also added a quick toggle to show the image previews larger for when it is needed.

  • Allow end users that have permission to manage assets, the option to edit assets (see image below).

  • Allow end users that have permission to manage assets, the ability to edit and create new Categories of Assets (see image below).

AssetA New Version of Automated Workflow Integrator (AWI) is Available

AWI Installer Downloads (updated 11/30/2017) are now available. It is highly suggested that you keep your version of AWI up-to-date to avoid any problems and to take advantage of bug fixes and feature updates. Select here to download the latest installer downloads.