Latest Aleyant PrintJobManager™ MIS/ERP Release Now Available

The PrintJobManager team has made a number of changes and enhancements in the latest release. In addition to numerous tweaks and fixes, we have created several key new features:

New Enhanced Custom Fields:
We have enhanced our current “Custom Fields” functionality. Currently, users have the ability to create up to 5 custom fields for “Organization” and “Person”. With the new release, users can now create 6. In addition, PrintJobManager has added the ability to create fields for “Order” and “Job/Estimate”. These fields can capture additional information as determined by the user in a text box, drop-down selection, or radio button. These fields will appear in the updated User Interface (UI) for “Organization”, “Person”, “Order”, and “Job/Estimate”. Only the fields that are created will appear. If no custom fields are created, then none will appear.


All of the created custom fields will also have the ability to be seen inside of the current “List View”, and can be exported into an Excel spreadsheet with the rest of the job information.

User-Level Integration with Pressero:
As we continually grow and update our integration with our Pressero web2print software, previously a B2B or B2C storefront could only be associated with one “Organization” inside of PrintJobManager. All of the orders related to that particular storefront would appear under the “Storefront Organization” name in PrintJobManager.

With our latest release, we have the ability to sort the incoming jobs from Pressero and match them with existing customers that are already created inside of PrintJobManager. This allows a subscriber to have multiple customers inside of their B2B or B2C storefront. As customers place orders, they then are sorted and assigned to the appropriate organization inside of PrintJobManager.

Multiple Estimates to a Single Order:
Users now have the ability to add multiple estimates to an order. Previously each estimate was created as a single order. With this release, a user can add multiple estimates to a new order. Subscribers can also add estimates to existing orders.


Orders now have the ability to contain both “Jobs” and “Estimates” at the same time.

Updated UI:
PrintJobManager’s UI has been updated in this release. The previous “Create Job” and “Create Estimate” functions are now combined into one “New Order” selection. This now allows a user to start with the order information such as “Organization” and “Person” before then moving to create an “Estimate” or a “Job”. The new “Order” and “Job Views” will also allow for the use of new custom fields that can be created.


Enhanced Number-Up Calculations:
In our last release, we included an enhancement to provide calculations inside of the “Number-Up” field. In this release, we modified that feature by adding the ability to include “Quantity” components to those calculations. This feature creates the ability for variable calculations based on user-entered values.


Customers can now enter a custom size specification for a job and PrintJobManager can then make the appropriate “Number-Up” calculation based on the finished size.

Updated Shipping Integrations:
In the current release, we have updated our integrated shipping methods area and included more field selections based on the carrier’s options.


In addition to resolving some issues, the PrintJobManager team has added enhancements in product engine testing, UI enhancement, organization selection and updating the tax rate calculations.

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