Latest Aleyant PrintJobManager™ Release Adds New Price Group Permissions, Default Due Dates & More

The PrintJobManager team has made a number of changes and enhancements in the latest release. In addition to numerous tweaks and fixes, we have created several new features:

New Price Group Permissions

We have enhanced the price group functionality for PrintJobManager. This new feature allows price groups to be assigned to specific user groups.

Based on customer feedback, we updated the existing ‘Price Group” function to include a new permission section that will allow an admin user to assign or deny a user group the ability to use a price group when pricing a job or estimate, as seen in the image below.

Along with the ability to assign Price Groups to a user group, we have also included user group permissions that will either Show or Hide the % calculations on the Job or Estimate page.

As seen in the above image, an admin can check the “View Percentage” box which will allow percent calculations to be seen by the user creating the job or estimate.

By checking the box for “Edit Percentage”, the user has the ability to edit the Percentage after calculation

The last permission included in this release is the ability to add Raw Cost to the Job or Estimate pricing page, as seen in the image below. This feature can also be suppressed or hidden based on the assigned user group.

Default Due Dates

A new feature included in the latest release is the addition of default due dates in the General Settings.

Default Due Date:

Users can set the default due date for a job or estimate. Meaning in his example, setting the default due date for “7” means that the default due date will show 7 business days from the current date.

If “Include Weekends” is checked, then the due date includes weekends when calculating the date.

Default Estimate Expiration Date:

Users can select the default expiration date for all estimates that are created in PrintJobManager. In the example below, the “30” represents that the default date will be 30 calendar days from the current date the estimate is created.

Enhancement to User Level Integration

Now when an order flows into PrintJobManager from Pressero, if the customer is already entered into PrintJobManager under a different Organization and that job is assigned to that customer and their assigned Organization, the correct organization name will now be displayed instead of its Pressero site name, as seen in the second image below.

Before this release – Organization displayed the name of the Pressero Site used.

After the release – Organization displayed the name of the Organization assigned to user/customer.

This is very helpful when using B2C sites in Pressero or B2B sites where there are multiple companies using the same site.

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