Latest Aleyant PrintJobManager™ Release Now Available

The PrintJobManager team has made a number of changes and enhancements in the latest release. In addition to numerous tweaks and fixes, we have created the following new features:

New Progress Bar and Color Coding

One of the feature requests we have been receiving from our customers that integrate PrintJobManager with our award-winning web-to-print software Pressero, is that they would like to keep the progress bar for a visual reference of where jobs are in their workflow.  With the introduction of custom statuses, users now can have a variable workflow that also incorporates the production processes.

This release now provides the Progress Bar that will dynamically move forward and backward and be based on the amount of status lines that have been created. When a job is marked “Complete”, the bar will be completely filled with color. The amount of movement or shaded areas will be related to the number of status updates that have been created and completed, as seen in the images below.


We have also color-coded the progress bar depending on the type of job that being viewed.

Blue = Estimate

Green = Active Jobs

Red = Cancelled Jobs


Suppression Indicators

In this release, there are now two indicators that will appear when suppressions are active inside of components. This will provide help when working with Product Engines. Users are now easily able to see which components have active suppressions.  This enhancement has the following two elements:

The first is a message line showing that suppressions are active, as seen below.


The second enhancement for suppressions now shows a red badge with an “S” beside the components that are using suppressions.


Tax Exemption for Customers

This new release now provides the ability to mark an Organization and/or a Person as Tax Exempt inside of PrintJobManager. So when this Organization or Person is selected for a job or estimate, no sales tax will be used in pricing for a job or estimate.


Additional Settings for Login Security

In the previous release, we added enhanced security related to user login. By default, after five bad login attempts in 10 minutes, PrintJobManger will lock out that user for 10 minutes.   

This release includes additional options under “General Settings” that will allow the admin to set the number of attempts and how long they have to make those attempts, and the amount of time the user will be locked out.

We also included a new warning screen when the user has two attempts remaining before being locked out.

Along with these key feature enhancements, we’ve also fixed bugs, updated titles and names for pricing features that provide better explanations, and enhanced our integration with Pressero when passing job information from a storefront.

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Therese McGady

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