Latest Aleyant PrintJobManager™ Release Now Available

PrintJobManager V
The PrintJobManager team has been working hard at improving its functionality and ease of use. We have made a number of enhancements recently that are included in this release.

The most significant enhancement involved the suppression feature. Previously when utilizing suppressions, the user was able to select a component from a drop down menu, then type in the trigger by memory.  Now there is a dropdown for the trigger as well which will show all items from a particular component, as featured in the image below.

#1 1127

The user can then make a selection and move to the next line. The user will still have to enter a line item for each item to suppress off of, but this will be quicker and more accurate.

Other updates in this release include:

  1. We added CIC Payment Method in PrintJobManager
  2. We added some icons to the estimate and job gear navigation panel
  3. In the job/estimate list views, all CSR, Sales Rep and Customer names will appear First name then Last name.
  4. We have removed price and status details from the Pick List
  5. Tooltips and currency symbols have been added to the Price Adjustment section of both create estimate and create job screens.
  6. Cultural issues involving display of dates have been corrected in multiple areas. The dates are now showing as Month/Day/Year or Day/Month/Year depending on the culture selected.

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