Latest Aleyant tFLOW 9.6 Release Information Now Available

As we have been focusing our latest releases on providing the best possible user experience, you may have noticed some important changes in tFLOW over the last couple of months.  While you can visit the tFLOW History page for a full list, below is a short summary of the most recent highlights. In addition, view this video to see these updates in action.

New Tile Views

tFLOW has always provided a small thumbnail of the artwork on the job tile to help you identify which files were inside, but you needed to open the jobs themselves to get a full preview.  With the new tile views – Medium and Large, you have the entire proof preview on display in the job list!  This means that you can view and interact with the proofs without the need to open the job resulting in much faster navigation and Order review.  Not only can you view the full proof, you can also zoom in and out, switch between revisions, change pages, and approve/reject jobs all from one window:

Unified Proof Layout

The default tFLOW proof layouts have been combined into one unified proof which is optimized for large and small screens as well as mobile devices.  Users can easily scroll through the proof information fields on any device as well as view the entire proof layout on virtually any window size.  You may still define your own proof layouts, but the new Aleyant unified proof is a great place to start.

Full Size Thumbnails

You asked and we listened.  You can now define whether you want your job thumbnails to be created from the original file, the preflighted artwork, or the finished file.  Not only can you define the source of the thumbnail but you can also have the entire image displayed instead of just the center portion.  This will greatly clarify job visualization when artwork is similar, or if imposition was applied in tFLOW:

New Revision Workflow

Main job options have now been reduced to just two – Approve or Reject.  Users with permissions will have the ability to Reject and upload new artwork, while user without will be able to Reject only, and be presented with a much clearer screen informing them that a new proof will be available shortly, removing the previous uncertainty on what to do after rejecting a proof.

New Integrations

We’ve added two more ERP systems to our ever-expanding list of integrated solutions:  SAP One, and EFI PrintSmith.

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