Learn How to Control Your Print Quality (and Save Time & Resources!) with Aleyant’s ColorProSeries


Date & Time: Thursday, August 31 @ 11 AM Central – Register Today!

Be sure to join this upcoming webinar to find out why major ink manufacturers such as Epson, Nazdar, Sawgrass and many more use our ColorProSeries software for print quality control. Aleyant’s ColorProSeries includes Aleyant QualityControl which helps print shops, quality control personnel, service technicians, laboratories and consultants manage their production-end values and color controls, ultimately saving them time, eliminating waste and achieving consistency with brand colors.

QualityControl features include:

  • i1 Support – Works with the i1 Pro and i1 Pro v2. Extremely simple and intuitive interface requires no user training.
  • Provides spot measurement capability currently missing in most i1 software.
  • Flexible configuration – Color difference formula, illuminant, observer, metamerism index, tone values, and status filter.
  • Easy integrates with OS: Windows

Our ColorProSeries also includes Aleyant PrintControlPro, the most simple way to control all of your printing color. This software is especially for conventional and digital printers, equipment and consumable manufacturers and vendors.

PrintControlPro is an application which takes the user step-by-step through the process that is necessary to establish optimal and repeatable printing conditions. Ultimately, PrintControlPro resolves the issues with final print quality. You do not need to be a color expert to use PrintControlPro, nor is much time needed to optimize the process.

In addition, the ColorProSeries includes Aleyant RapidCheck which makes quality control quick and simple for conventional and digital printers, print suppliers, printing machine manufacturers, print buyers and advertising agencies.

In the same way that the proof needs to be checked on a regular basis, so does the print. RapidCheck is a fast and easy solution that examines whether all printing parameters comply with standards ISO 12647-2 and 12647-3 or user-defined in-house standards. By measuring a specifically designed control strip, measurement can be done with an i1 or
SpectroDens in just seconds. Information provided includes density, colorimetric values and analysis for primary and secondary colors, trapping, TVI, and grey balance. Reports are generated automatically.

Darrian Young, VP of Product Management, Workflow at Aleyant, will share a live demo of our color management solutions during this webinar which is scheduled for Thursday, August 31, 2017 @ 11 AM Central. Time will be allotted for a Q&A session at the end of the webinar. Space is limited, register here today!

For more information or to trial one of Aleyant’s ColorProSeries solutions, visit here.