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Looking For a Way to Sell More to Current Customers?

Creating B2B (Business to Business) online storefronts can help you sell more to your customers. These are private, customer-specific websites tailored to that customer’s needs.

These are the reasons why successful Pressero customers use B2B online storefronts:

Customer Product Catalogs

Create custom product catalogs for each of your customers. When your customer logins, only the products for that customer will be displayed. You may use the catalog to track product inventory if you wish. By adding products to your website, your customers can quickly and easily place print orders with you.

Order Management

You can easily manage your orders from one screen. Use the navigation icons next to each order to leave notes, change status, update specifications, add shipment information, print tickets, and more.


Product Personalization and Variable Data Printing

Using the Aleyant eDocBuilder™ personalization and variable data component of the storefront, your customers can quickly and easily customize, proof, and approve documents directly from a web browser. As the printer, you’ll receive a press-ready PDF file immediately after the order is placed. Think of the time you’ll save and headaches you can avoid by having your customer complete these often tedious steps online. You can focus on what you do best… printing!

Interactive Pricing Calculators

Build simple or complex interactive pricing calculators to provide instant pricing information to your customers based on the options they select. Our unique approach allows you to enter and store pricing data directly into an Excel spreadsheet. As your pricing changes, all you need to do is update the Excel file, upload it into Pressero, and the pricing information is automatically updated.Job TicketingThe storefront will generate a job ticket for each order your customers place. Nearly all information available is summarized on this sheet for your reference.

Barcode Tracking

Easily update order status information with our barcode tracking tools. Pick lists and job tickets include a standard 3 of 9 barcode. Using any standard barcode reader, you can use the scanning section to quickly and easily update job status as the order goes through your plant.

Broker Interfaces

Doing print work for a broker? Give the broker a branded ordering interface to use with his customer. His customer never sees information about your printing company, but you get the order.

Vendor Interfaces

Need to send jobs to an outside print vendor? You can create an unlimited list of vendors to utilize, and have specific orders automatically route to that vendor. The vendor receives all files and information necessary to print and ship the job.

Approval Workflow

With Pressero’s approval workflow, you can easily define which users need ordering approval and which users can approve orders. When a user with limited permissions places an order, users with approval capabilities are automatically notified by email to complete the approval process.

Transactional Inventory Control

Keep track of current inventory levels and inventory history with Pressero’s powerful transactional inventory control capabilities. Your customers may view inventory detail such as current inventory level, last replenished dates, and even view orders placed against the inventoried product.

Multi Location Management

If you operate more than one print facility, you will truly benefit from Pressero’s mutli-location management. With this powerful feature, you can easily assign customers to each of your facilities. As new orders come in, each order will be automatically assigned to the appropriate facility. You can easily reassign an order to a different facility as needed.

Printer Control Panel

You are provided with a unique user name and password to login into the Pressero control panel. From the control panel you are able to create additional users, add clients, manage orders, provide estimates, check inventory, and much more. You can even assign different levels of permission to your staff to insure that the right people are managing the right things.

User Management

Create unlimited numbers of users for each of your customer accounts. This allows you and your customer to easily track who ordered what. You may even assign a variety of permission levels to each user to better manage the ordering capabilities of each user. User Groups allow you to associate products with groups of users and even assign different pricing for each of the user groups.

Custom Design

Customize the look and feel of each customer storefront. Choose from our predesigned templates and personalize for your customer with their colors and artwork. Or work with one of our talented designers to create a unique look.


Accept credit card payments, provide real time shipping rate information, export data, and more with Pressero’s 2000+ integrations partners!


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Therese McGady

Aleyant's Marketing Manager: Experienced marketing communications professional with in-house and agency background, combined with strong Midwestern work ethic and excellent relationship-building skills.