Manage Sales & Use Tax Compliance Easily with Avalara AvaTax & Aleyant Pressero

Avalara AvaTax delivers sales and use tax calculations within many existing business applications at the time of check out or billing. AvaTax conveniently integrates easily with Pressero, which makes handling taxes easy. Basically, when a customer creates an order in Pressero, Avalara sends that transaction data to their tax engine, makes the accurate tax calculation, and then sends it back to Pressero automatically in real time so that an accurate tax rate is used for that particular order.

To learn more, check out the Avalara white paper below or register now for our upcoming joint webinar with Avalara on July 28.


Therese McGady

Aleyant's Marketing Manager: Experienced marketing communications professional with in-house and agency background, combined with strong Midwestern work ethic and excellent relationship-building skills.