Marketing Automation – Beyond Passive Google Analytics

Google Analytics is great at collecting data. Marketing Automation is great at collecting data and then automatically applying it to create more leads, send out follow-up emails, and convert visitors to customers.

Automated List Generation and Email Campaigns for Lead Conversion

Marketing Automation is a new way for you to communicate with your customers, funnel leads, and advertise with hyper-tailored campaigns. By utilizing a marketing automation application, visitor data movements across your website can be analyzed and segmented marketing lists automatically created. These marketing lists are game changers when it comes to converting prospects to paying customers.


Benefits of Marketing Automation

  1. Drive More Leads
  2. Convert Leads to Sales
  3. Automate Client Communications
  4. Attractive ROI

Marketing Automation Benefits Applied to Web to Print Storefronts

  1. Follow up with customers that have items in shopping cart
  2. Forms will Auto-Fill for customers being tracked
  3. Cross promote additional products to current customers
  4. Unlimited Email Marketing
  5. Automatic Trigger-Based Marketing Campaigns
  6. Instant Hot Lead Notifications to your sales team via SMS or Email
  7. Built in CRM Software or Direct linking to Sales Force & Sugar CRM
  8. Built in Marketing Dashboard – Tracking Google AdWords, Landing Page Analytics, Email Opens, Social, etc…

Greg Budrow is Vice President – Sales & Marketing, Core Integrated Marketing, offering the MultiTOUCH Marketing Automation system. or 877.632.2673