Meet Aleyant PrintJobManager™ 2.0

Scheduling Simplified – PrintJobManager Scheduling 1.0
As we move into PrintJobManager 2.0, the first feature we will introduce is scheduling. The idea behind the new scheduling module is that it will be designed to provide you with information related to a job, such as estimated time, due date, order number, and much more. All of this is now available in an easy to view format that allows you to manage the work in your shop.

Scheduling will be located in the menu under the “Jobs” section.

Scheduling can be viewed by Job,  Department and Resource.

Scheduling By Job is set up to be a High-Level look at the work in your shop.

By using these settings, you can set up the view to fit your preference, and will have the ability to see the status and estimated time for that job. We’ve included a column that will allow you to rank each job with a priority number. Also, now when you select a job, you can view the job ticket on a right-side view pane inside scheduling, as seen in the image below.

Scheduling by Department is your mid-level look at your jobs. By using the drop down, you can view individual departments and see any jobs that are included. This view determines what processes are inside of each job and filters them out by the department. The settings for this page are similar to the settings for the By Job page.

New actions in this page view are the ability to drag and drop jobs to place them in the order you choose to run and also the ability to sort by a Department due date.

Scheduling by Resource is the low-level view at your work. Jobs are broken down by resource and process and will let you see what jobs and how much time is on an individual resource, for example, an individual printer. Use the Resource Due Date to be able to plan the work you have for each day for your operators.

The Resource page view functions in the same way as the Department View, allowing you to drag and drop the jobs into the order you wish to run them. If there are multiple steps in a job that uses the same Resource, they will appear as different line items.

“Scheduling Simplified” will be an additional way for you to use PrintJobManager to create a more efficient production environment.

Custom Field Integration with Pressero
With the release of PrintJobManager 2.0, we are creating another integration point with Pressero for customers to use.

The forms and product forms inside of Pressero can now be mapped to a Custom Field inside of PrintJobManager, as seen in the image below. This can be useful to capture additional information such as a department code, billing code, or something that is unique to a specific customer. This information is then transferred to the appropriate custom field in PrintJobManager and can be seen in the Job List view, and on the Job Ticket.

Custom Field Modification
Another enhancement to custom fields is now providing the ability to show custom fields as internal or external when sending out an estimate. You can choose to show or not to show this in the set up of the custom field.

This allows users to capture additional information from customers at the time of the estimate acceptance.

Also included in this latest release are performance improvements and bug fixes as we continue to improve PrintJobManager.

We are excited about the release of version 2.0 and have more features and enhancements that are currently in progress. We always look for any customer-related feedback and would like to hear from you.

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