Cincinnati Minuteman Press Leverages
the Power of Pressero for Pricing & Order Entry

Automated Pricing Engine is Accurate,
Easy to Use & Equivalent of Hiring a CSR



George Thankaraj opened a new Minuteman Press location in Cincinnati, OH in 2013. While he had never run a printing operation before, he was certainly not new to the industry, having spent nine years as an Application Manager at International Paper. Thankaraj also brought knowledge about corporate requirements to his new endeavor, having spent time consulting with the likes of Proctor & Gamble, Bath & Body Works, Foremost Insurance, Standard Register and more. Today, the company counts its customers across a broad range of industry segments, ranging from small landscaping businesses to non-profits, banks and large, multi-location corporations.

“At International Paper, I was an ecommerce manager,” he says. “Platform-wise, we had some of the best in the industry, so I learned a great deal on the technical side. Ecommerce is a critical element in just about every business today, especially in the printing industry.”

About three years into the new business, Thankaraj says, “I had just started looking for an ecommerce solution for the business. Coincidentally, I was also talking with another Minuteman franchisee in the area who had implemented Pressero, and he was getting good results. My belief was it was better to find a solution already out there in the marketplace rather than develop something from scratch. I had the technical background, but it’s still not easy, especially when you consider the complexity of pricing printed products.”

west chester minuteman press owner uses presser web to print


Thankaraj also points out that especially in smaller print businesses, there can be a fair amount of turnover among employees; and it can be difficult to continually train employees on the systems, especially pricing. “There are so many combinations,” he explains. “Even a business card can be complicated – single-sided, double-sided, different paper stocks, colors, etc. With a manual system, you might give a quotation to a customer, and they ask you to change one thing, which means you have to go back and start over again. It’s terribly inefficient."


"When you have a pricing system like the one that is part of Aleyant Pressero, it’s the equivalent of hiring a customer service representative. And it does make it easier to recruit employees because they do not have to have a strong printing background to work here. I basically teach them the terminology, and Pressero is so easy to use, that’s really all that’s required. It’s also easy for customers to use, and that’s a real plus for the system.”

Thankaraj believes it is also a time-saver for both his staff and his customers because customers can choose the options themselves and see the real-time impact of those choices on pricing. “It’s faster, easier and more convenient for everyone,” he adds. “Even if the customer is calling in or walking in the door, we still use Pressero as our pricing engine.” Currently, Thankaraj has 12 customers that are actively using Pressero B2B custom sites and has processed and/or priced nearly 5,500 orders through the system. Most of them have multiple locations, including a construction company headquartered in Cleveland that has locations around the country. “Pressero is especially helpful to those types of customers, since it gives them a centralized place to price and order for all of their locations, and makes it easier for them to track everything,” Thankaraj adds.

In terms of the Pressero website content, Thankaraj notes that he has implemented a broad range of products, even those that represent small order volumes. “This is really helpful for Google searches,” he says. “For example, we don’t produce a large volume in foil enhanced business cards, but if someone searches for that application, they are likely to find us, and then learn about everything else we offer. Pressero offers a terrific upselling opportunity in that way.”

Thankaraj also appreciates the quality of the documentation and support provided by Aleyant. “I’m able to answer most questions via the resources on the Aleyant website,” he says. “When an issue arises, the support team at Aleyant resolves it quickly and efficiently.”


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