New Aleyant eDocBuilder™ Release Now Available

Support Added for Multi-Page Background Colors for Interactive Designer Templates

Prior to this release, you could assign different sets of background images to each of the pages in your template, but when it came to selecting a background color, the choice you made applied to all pages in your template. With this update, they both work the same way. You can now decide for each page in your template what (if any) background images or colors you would like to have available to your customer while customizing the template. One page may have no background options available, another might have two specific image options, while another might have other images along with solid background colors. See images below:


In the image above, you can see that Background Page Options now applies to both images and color options. You can either apply the choices made to All Pages, or select each page and decide exactly which image or colors can be used on that specific page.

background fill

Above: For page 1 of our template, the customer is selecting a blue background and then on page 4 they’ve selected magenta while leaving all other pages without a background color.


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