New Aleyant Pressero™ Update Available Today – New Promotion

New Promotion: Dollar Amount or Percentage Off a Category of Products

You can now offer a discount on products within a category. In the past, we have allowed a promotional discount to be applied to a specific product, but customers have been asking to apply that promotion to all products within a category to make it easier for them. To activate this option, go to: Sites [select site] > Promotions. From the “Type” dropdown, you can select either “Amount off Specific Category of Products,” or “% off a Specific Category of Products.” You will need to select the Category that you want this promotion to apply to from the dropdown that will appear, and you will also need to specify how you want the promotion to be applied. Do you want it to give the discounted amount off each product in the category (allowing multiple discounts), or do you want it to give one discounted amount on the subtotal of all items that are in that category (limiting the discount to a set amount).


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