New Aleyant Pressero™ Updates Available Today – New Skins, New Promotions, Easier Set Up and More!

We’ve added some exciting new features to Pressero that are available immediately.

Pressero Setup Just Got a Little Easier
In the past we’ve had links to documentation articles inside Pressero admin, but they were only in a few key areas. It seems our subscribers really liked this feature so we added them to all the sections of admin, and made sure we had articles for them all. We hope this makes it easier for you to get the details you need.


Add Instructions for your Customers Using Site Reports
In Pressero v6 we added a reporting tool for your customers to use in their storefronts. You can now add custom instructions to the top of that area. To do this, go to Admin > Sites > [Select Site] > Settings > Instructions [Site Report Instructions]. Please note: You need to give your customers permission to view reports.


New Promotion Available

In addition to our other Promotion Code options available in Pressero, you can now offer another option of providing a percentage or dollar amount off an order if that order goes over a certain dollar amount you set. To set this up, go to: Admin > Sites > [Select Site] > Promotions > Add New Promotion > [Select Amount or Percentage off Subtotal]. When using this promotion that we had previously, you will now see a new field open up “If More Than.” Set this to the amount that you want and the customer will only get that discount after the subtotal of the items in their order go over that set amount. Coming Soon! Promotion based on Product Categories! Watch this blog for updates.


Big Updates and Changes to Pressero Skins!
Not only are we releasing four new skins and all new documentation to make the updating of the skins easier for you, but we’ve made many changes to the skins we had based on your feedback. Take a look!

      New Skins:

  • Added demo links to all Pressero skins within the admin skins selection area (Admin > Sites > Skins)
  • Added Knowledge Base article links to all Pressero skins within the admin skins selection area (Admin > Sites > Skins)
  • Fixed stuck cart summary on cart page for Responsive #6
  • Fixed overlapping product text on Checkout Page for “The Doctor” Skin
  • The sidebar search input now works for all new skins
  • Added “Open Frame” body class and fixed the “Moriarty” skin open frame page so it is full width
  • Javascript added to all skins to add an “active” class to all navigation items that match current page url
  • Added image max-width CSS with media query for IE11 on Responsive #6 and Responsive #7
  • Fixed Cart page drop down and delete buttons issues, changed the buttons style on small screens
  • Made some color changes to “Super Hero” skin settings page tab and address content block
  • Changed Responsive “SuperHero” default account bar drop down background color and border color, and let vertical bottom class only work when screen size >992px


All new and updated documentation for Pressero skins can be found in our support portal or by selecting links to them through admin > Sites > Skins. You will also find examples of each skin and a link to a demo site using the skin to help you find the perfect skin for your website.

For more information regarding Pressero’s web-to-print eCommerce software solutions, please visit