New Aleyant Pressero™ Updates: New V6 Responsive Skins Available, V6 Order Reports Redesigned and Changes to Orders Processed by Credit Card You Need to Know About!

We’ve recently added some exciting new features to Pressero: New Responsive Skins and Redesigned Order Reports for V6. Both of these features are available immediately. There has also been a change to the way credit card errors are managed in Pressero storefronts.

New Responsive Skins

We’ve added two new responsive skins that you can begin using today on your Pressero storefronts. These new skins, Responsive 6 and Responsive 7, feature modern, responsive designs, full-screen banners, and faster loading times. Both skins feature ‘lazy loading’ which prompts loading of category and product images as you scroll down the page not as the page loads, which aids in faster loading. These skins also feature a ‘smart menu’ which offers the ability to show a much more complex menu structure. In addition, we’ve added new customization options within Pressero admin for easy adjustment of these new skins. With a couple clicks, you can change your banner from boxed to full screen. Please note these new skins are only available for V6 users.


View our demo sites for both new skins below:

Responsive 6 

Responsive 7

We’re also hard at work on at least two more skins to be released in the next few months.

For more information on how to update your storefronts with these skins, please view here.

Redesigned Order Reports

We’ve made vast improvements to the Summary, Job Detail, Pick List and Item Detail reports in Pressero V6. We’ve worked hard to make these reports better organized, easier to read and printer-friendly. We’re proud to say that these are by far the best designed order reports Pressero has ever had, we hope you agree.




Updates to Orders Processed with Credit Cards

In order to provide a solution to occasional errors in the shopping cart when incorrect credit card information has been entered, we have made some necessary adjustments to the way the checkout process behaves in Pressero, and how it logs orders in the admin area. These changes only apply to those payment providers where your customers’ credit card is being processed in the Pressero storefront. What has changed:

  • As soon as the customer enters the credit card information, an order number will be assigned to the order. Previously, an order number was not given until the credit card process was successful.

  • If incorrect information is entered, the customer will be brought to a page that will allow them to fix any entries they made. This page will show the order number that is assigned and give them instruction on what problem was found. If the information entered was correct, they will go through the normal checkout process.


  • In the Pressero admin order area, you will now find these orders immediately recorded. If the customer has entered incorrect information the order will be displayed, but it will be marked as cancelled and the paid box will remain unchecked. Once the customer has made any necessary corrections the status will change to Order Received and the Paid box will be checked indicating to you and your staff that the order is now ready to be processed.


    As with all other pages in the Pressero ordering process, we give you an option of adding your own message for your customers. You will find a new “Payment Page” instructions option in Admin > Site > Settings > Instructions.


Updated Aleyant Automated Workflow Integrator™ (AWI) Features Integration with Phoenix Imposition


A new version of AWI ( was released today which includes some bug fixes and a new integration with the Phoenix Imposition software by Tilia Labs. View here for more information on this new integration.

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