New Aleyant PrintJobManager Features Now Available: Ability to Copy Components From One Engine to Another & Multi-Line Estimates

PrintJobManager now offers the ability to copy components from one product engine to another using the "Copy Components" interface, which saves the user time when creating pricing engines. This function copies one or more components from the source to the destination engine. The engine can create a copy of itself. Each component in the engine can replicate itself on the users' command. All related Materials, Processes, Attributes, and formulas are transferred. Formulas are not validated during the copy. Once the copy is completed, the destination product engine must be tested through the edit interface.
For more information, view our full knowledge base article here.
Also, PrintJobManager now provides functionality for multi-line estimates, which offers an improved and streamlined user experience. If a customer requires multiple jobs, multiple estimates can be added to the same order and saved. PrintJobManager will send the multi-item estimate to a customer in ONE email with ONE link that will open all estimates on a single page. Customers can still accept or reject individual estimates using that link which will effectively create a job from the estimate that is accepted and cancel the estimate that is rejected.
On the Edit order view, there is a button where multi-line estimates can be viewed or downloaded as a PDF.
For more information, view our full knowledge base article here.

Therese McGady

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