New Aleyant PrintJobManager™ Release Adds Scheduling & Permission Features and More

Scheduling Updates

We’ve recently added a new option inside the ‘Department’ and ‘Resource’ views in the scheduling module.

When scheduling in these two views, users now have the ability to determine if the date range will be associated with either the ‘Job Due Date’ or the ‘Department/Resource Due Date’.

As seen in the image above, when users update the red outlined drop down to ‘Based on Department Due Date’, the date range will then show jobs based on the department due date. The same action applies to the Resource Scheduling view.

In addition, there are now settings associated with the due date within Department or Resource Scheduling. As seen in the image below, users now have the ability to set the number of days that will appear by default,  which can be business or calendar days, and can include the weekend.

If you have any questions related to scheduling or the new date options , please contact support.

Filter by CSR or Sales Rep

In the latest release of PrintJobManager, we’ve included a new set of permissions inside of the User Group settings.

As seen in the above image, these two new sets of permissions will allow the admin to limit the view of a user to only see the Organization, People, and Jobs that have the user listed as either the CSR, Sales Rep or both.

Essentially, this new feature allows a manager to include a Sales Rep as a user in PrintJobManager, but limit what they can view to only their customers and jobs. The same goes for a CSR. By selecting this option, the user or users assigned to this group, have a limited view of the information within PrintJobManager. By default, the boxes will be unchecked and allow access to all information by users in this group.

Left-Side Navigation Tree

In order to improve our UI and keep visual similarities with other Aleyant software, we’ve added a new navigation button.

By using the new navigation button at the top left of the screen, users have the ability to hide the navigation tree from view. This action will allow for more of the screen to be seen when using PrintJobManager on a larger monitor.

In the upcoming release for the end of the year, we anticipate a new connection with tFLOW and an upgrade to the integration log from PrintJobManager and Pressero.

For more information regarding PrintJobManager MIS/ERP, please visit

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