New Aleyant tFLOW Features Now Available – Proof Reminder Email, Disk Quota & More!

Great news! We released three new tFLOW features recently that you can start using today.

Disk Quota

This function helps customers better control the amount of storage space assigned to their tFLOW plan. Each tFLOW subscription includes a defined amount of storage space per plan.

With this particular new update, we added the ability to set a warning if the used disk space is going over a specific value.

In the settings, it is now possible to set a threshold value that defines the percentage of the used space. When the used space is over that quota, an optional warning email could be sent to a specific user.

New Variable for Naming A Production File

A new variable called “%USER_NAME%” has been added to the settings. This allows the ability to add the name of the user that created the job as a suffix to filename for production

Proof Reminder Email

This new function allows the ability to send a reminder email if a proof does not get either approved, rejected or requested for change after a set amount of time has elapsed.

In the case the proof has had no action taken after a defined number of days, then a reminder is automatically sent.

Having this ability now means there would be no need for a CSR/Salesperson to manually track, and potentially fail to follow up on any particular proof, resulting in fewer missed deadlines and less time spent on low value tasks such as sending reminder emails manually.

For more information on this feature, learn more here.

Therese McGady

Aleyant's Marketing Manager: Experienced marketing communications professional with in-house and agency background, combined with strong Midwestern work ethic and excellent relationship-building skills.