New! Aleyant Web to Print User Group

Recently we opened the Aleyant User Group, a forum for exchanging ideas and information with and between our customers.

To kick off the new year we will be giving away a choice between a Google Nexus 7 or Apple iPod Touch to a lucky member of the Aleyant User Group selected by a random drawing. Participation counts! The more someone participates in the online discussions, the more their name will be entered for the drawing. Details are below.

Your Suggestions for W2P Storefronts and Online Design

The Aleyant User Group is a convenient way for our customers to contribute ideas and suggestions about the Pressero web to print e-commerce storefront software and the eDocBuilder online design and variable data (VDP) template system. Maybe you have a suggestion on web to print automation, features, sales tips, technology, templates, workflow, e-commerce, preflight, online design, order management or something else. Perhaps you simply want to collaborate, share tips and tricks, as well as offer printing, design, and other services to the wider Aleyant community.

Shape the Direction of Web to Print e-Commerce Solutions

Members of the Aleyant User Group are currently helping decide the future direction of the Pressero and eDocBuilder web to print solutions in a number of key areas. If you have not yet weighed in on the proposed new feature survey, now is the time to do so! We created the forum as a way for our customer’s voices to be heard before we make changes to the features and functions of one of the best web to print systems on the market today.

Signup for our Private Web to Print Forum

This private web to print forum is open to Aleyant Pressero and eDocBuilder subscribers only. If you are one of our customers, click here to get started: You will receive an email confirmation after your user account has been approved.

What you will find in the forum after logging in:

  • New Features and Enhancements: Before starting work on some new features, enhancements, or integrations we’d like you to weigh in with your opinions, comments and suggestions.
  • Announcements: This is where we announce recent updates, events, and other important information you will want to know about.
  • General Pressero and eDocBuilder Discussions: A place for you to participate in general web to print discussions and share Pressero or eDocBuilder ideas with each other.
  • We are Listening: If you have a request for a new feature, documentation, training video, or other idea, let us know here.
  • Designer-Developer Marketplace: Need a Pressero or eDocBuilder designer or developer? Do you have these skills that you would like others to know about? Do you have variable data template designs available for others to use for a small fee? The Marketplace is a great opportunity for you to link up with others.
  • The Trade Printer Hookup: Are you a trade printer or print service provider that wants to be known, or are you looking for a trade printer to do business with? Find each other here.
  • General Discussion: General printing industry discussions that don’t relate to Aleyant products specifically.

Other Channels

The Forum is intended to complement other communication channels Aleyant already has in place. For support issues that need to be addressed by our staff, please continue to email us at

Of course, another valuable tool that you are already using is this Pressero Blog. Our web to print blog has news stories, release updates, how-to articles and more! As you likely know, this blog covers both Pressero and eDocBuilder topics. Don’t miss out, sign up for a blog feed today!

Lucia Blanco