New Case Study: On-Demand Printing Company Experiences Business Growth with Help From Pressero

This Boston-based digital on-demand printing company was founded two decades ago and also offers scanning and mailing services. According to its Production Manager, the company had implemented a web-to-print solution in an effort to gain increased market visibility and to offer online ordering to its customers.

“Previously, we were an offset printer,” the Production Manager said. “But now we are strictly digital, and that really lends itself to having an online ordering platform due to smaller job sizes and shorter turnaround times inherent in the digital printing business. Other solutions we implemented did not meet our needs. We pride ourselves on being able to meet customer deadlines with all of our new digital technology,” the Production Manager said. “And our first foray into e-commerce was less than satisfactory. Not only was it difficult to set up, but the vendor support was not as promised. It was originally billed to us as a B2C and B2B solution that would be all template driven, and that storefronts would be easy to set up. Unfortunately, that was not the case. Even something as simple as setting up credit card payments was daunting.”

Choosing a New Storefront
Searching for a way to solve the problem, the company called on Canon Solutions America for help with finding a web-to-print solution that was more closely matched with its needs and those of its customers. The Production Manager was particularly interested in Aleyant Pressero based on information she had seen online and experiences she had heard about from others.
“The good news was we already had some experience with a web-to-print portal,” the Production Manager said. “I knew what I didn’t want. And I knew what I wanted to see in something new. It looked great during the demonstration, but I insisted on seeing how the backend worked. Based on my past experience, I knew that would be critical. And it was impressive.”

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Therese McGady

Aleyant's Marketing Manager: Experienced marketing communications professional with in-house and agency background, combined with strong Midwestern work ethic and excellent relationship-building skills.