New Catalog Organization, New Default Skin and More Available in Today’s Aleyant Pressero™ Release

New in Pressero —Catalog Organization!

With today’s release, we have a new method of assigning products to categories. You will see in Admin > Sites > Catalog Folder, a link for Catalog Organization. In this new area, you can assign products to categories, assign categories to other categories, view all the products in a category as well as view all the categories a particular product is in and more! Check out this Knowledge Base article for full details.


Image above shows the new Catalog Organization area in Pressero Admin. Three main areas are noted; 1) A list of all products in the site with an indication of the number of categories that product is in, 2) A list of all the categories on the site along with the nesting of those categories, and 3) A list of products that are in the selected category from above.


Updates to GDPR Feature
On June 26, 2018, we updated customers in this blog on the changes that were made in Pressero to satisfy the requirements of GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation). We’ve made two additional changes with this release:

We added a Summary Statement area that will display above the Privacy Policy acceptance line.

There is no default text being used in this area so if you want a statement to appear, you need to enter in your custom text in to the field shown below. The statement will appear below the Terms and Conditions heading in the Create Account Form.

An example of a summary statement might look like this:

In compliance with current regulations on data protection (Regulation EU 2016/679 of the European Parliament and the Council, of April 27, 2016) we inform you that the data that you incorporate will be treated by with the purpose to manage your registration as a user. Your data will not be transferred to third parties except for legal obligations. You can request additional information on data protection, as well as exercise your rights through the following address <EMAIL ADDRESS>.




The other change made for GDPR is the ability for an Admin users to manually enter in the date that the Privacy Policy was accepted.

Originally the only way for this date to get entered was when the customer agreed to it themselves. We since have understood that some of you may be getting that agreement in another way and you would like to indicate that date of acceptance directly in the user account, they are not required to agree to it again. We made this change with the understanding that you have received the agreement by your customer. See image below.


New Skin Option – Responsive Algernon without a Sidebar
A responsive version of our most popular standard skin “Algernon” but no sidebar. This skin has been thoroughly improved with all the latest features. Checkout the new skin option here.


Allow a Negative Value for the Pricing Markup (Creating a Markdown)

Our Markup feature is set at the product level and is often used in unison with a vendor workflow allowing you to create a pricing engine with the outside vendor’s cost and then set a markup on top of that price that is displayed in the store. By doing this, you can run reports to show your cost (what you have to pay your vendor), the markup amount and the total cost. In the past this feature only allowed a Markup but with this release, you can now enter a negative value allowing a Markdown.



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