New Features Now Available on Updated Aleyant eDocBuilder™ Interactive Designer

Aleyant, an innovative leader in providing robust software services to the graphic communications industry at value-driven prices, today announced the availability of a new version of Aleyant eDocBuilder Interactive Designer, its web-based variable data publishing system. eDocBuilder is specifically designed to easily integrate with Aleyant and third-party web-to-print and MIS systems to bring template-based variable data publishing within easy reach for users at all levels of skill.

“We are continually updating all of our solutions based on customer feedback and assessment of market trends,” said Greg Salzman, Aleyant’s President. “This new version of eDocBuilder Interactive Designer incorporates a number of new capabilities that make it easier and faster to use, whether working from a desktop computer, laptop or mobile device.”

What’s New

•Better access to features and capabilities on mobile devices.

•Continuous availability of the ‘My Images’ section at the bottom of the window. Users simply click the Plus icon next to the ‘My Images’ header to drag and drop images directly onto the desired image field. A Reset button allows return to the default image.

Drag and Drop Feature

•A number of new tools that make it easier for users to place image and text fields by turning on ‘Snap-To’ for elements, guides and grids, as seen in image below. Optionally, users can display rulers, guides, grids and bleed. Guidelines can be placed anywhere within the template for easy placement of text and images.

New Options Grid Guidlines Rulers

•Previews now include a high-resolution option to increase detail shown in the preview images used while customizing templates. Easily scroll or swipe through images.

High Resolution Preview

•When a session is saved with an image that has been cropped, the system will now contain the entire image and allow the user to re-crop the image without having to re-upload the image.

This new version of Aleyant eDocBuilder Interactive Designer is immediately available. For more information, click here.