New Pressero and eDocBuilder Features Released!

Things were busy over the holidays and there has not been any sign of slowing down here at Aleyant! We have several new features to tell you about that have been released over the last month.


  • Asset preview images – Now if a preview image is available for an asset file, it will display the preview in the asset area of a customer’s B2B site. All other asset files will continue to use the placeholder image as the default.
  • File Upload Preview – You now have an option on the way you want your file upload preview to behave. This preview option is used when you have a product that includes the ability for the end user to upload a file to you. As part of this setup, you specify the size of the anticipated file in the admin area. When the customer uploads their file, it will show them a preview of that file so they can verify the correct file was chosen. In the past it would stretch the customers file to fit the specified size exactly. Now you can choose to “Show Scaled Preview”. If checked, the file will be scaled without distortion to fit the page size.
  • Guest Checkout (BETA)– This applies to Retail (B2C) sites only. It will allow your customer to checkout without creating an account and logging in. If activated for the site, the customer will be prompted to enter in their name and email address. They will also fill out the shipping information and then place the order. An email will be generated letting them know their order was received and that an account was created for them in case they want to order again or check on the status of their order. It will give them a username and password to use.
    • After checkout, the user will be enterd into a list of site users, however, they will be flagged as a guest. If the user returns to the site and logs in, the user will no longer be flagged as a guest. Users that have an account (not marked as a guest), will not be permitted to checkout as a guest.
    • This release is in beta right now, if you want to try it out you need to send an email to support and provide your account name, your admin login credentials along with the name of the retail site(s) you want to activate the guest checkout in.
  • New User Interface for the Admin area – New “Responsive Design” interface was added to the admin area of Pressero. This is to provide optimal viewing experience across a wide range of devices (desktop computers to mobile phones).
  • Allow more than one asset to display on a product page – As you may already know, you can give a customer the ability to download an asset file on the product ordering page. In the past it was just one file that was able to be downloaded. With this change, you can now have multiple asset files available for download.
  • Add search functionality to the Pricing Engine page in Admin – Many of you are managing a large number of pricing engines within your account. This change will make it easier for you to find and sort the many pricing engines you have in order to update and edit them when needed.
  • Option to require Username for the Create an Account page on a B2B Site-In the past the username was an optional field. Now you are able to choose to make this field required. To use this option, go to your site folder > Settings > Under “Site Basics” you will check “Require Username for Self –Signup”.
  • Show “Please Select” as the Default Location on the Self Signup Page – Instead of showing the first location name in the list of possible locations on the self-sign up page, the first choice will now show as “Please Select”. This will apply to B2B sites only and when the Address book Mode is set to either Location or Both.


  • Non printable areas – In eDocBuilder, you can now specify an area to display on the template as a non-printable image. This image layer will not be selectable in the designer even though it will be viewable by the end user. For customers who want to display die-cut lines, instructions, etc., but not have them clickable, or print on the final production file, this will be a great new option. While this option was added for the Interactive Designer version of eDocBuilder, it can still be an option for Forms Based templates as well.
    • Using this feature:
      • Set an area on your template for the Non-Printable area.
      • Upload a Graphic File that will provide an appearance for the Non-Printable area. This will not appear on the final production file.
      • Set your Field Type to ” Nonprintable area” and “Graphic File”.
      • Set your Data Capture tab to the Graphic file you uploaded for this area.
  • Support for “Small Caps” – You can now specify a text area to use Small Caps in a field scripting area of Forms Based eDocBuilder templates.

Usage in vbscript: 
“***” & smallcaps(phName, 17) & “****”

Usage in HTML script:
<font fontsize=”20″>Big text<smallcaps fontsize=”17″>Text to make small caps here.</smallcaps></font>