New Pressero Feature Alert: Deleting Pending Orders

Back in November 2022, we released a feature to delete orders. Now we're expanding that feature to allow for the deletion of Pending Orders.

Why allow the deletion of Pending Orders?

Before this feature, the only way to remove a Pending Order out of the production life cycle was to finalize it and mark it canceled as an Order. But many of Pressero's integrations fire when a Pending Order is finalized into an Order. This was causing lots of extra work with cleaning up integration data.

Now when Pending Orders are deleted, they don't affect any integrations which saves a lot of time and effort.

Screenshot 2023-09-06 082721


Deleting Orders and Pending Orders is irreversible!

We've gone to great lengths with these features to make sure your order data is safe and only deleted when it's absolutely necessary.

How to Delete Pending Orders

We've put together a comprehensive article on how to delete both Pending Orders and Regular orders here.

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Release Schedule

  • Chicago Servers: Monday, September 11
  • Amsterdam Servers: Tuesday, September 12
  • Singapore Servers: Tuesday, September 12
  • Dedicated Servers: Tuesday, September 22

Chris Beaven

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