New Pressero Feature Alert: Gift Certificates!

You asked for it, you got it!

Aleyant is happy to announce the Gift Certificates feature within Pressero. Now you have another tool available to incentivize more sales on your storefronts.

Gift Certificates


More Ways to Pay

Gift Certificates give your customers a new way to pay! Whether that is the whole balance or part of a balance.

Screenshot 2023-08-24 101332

Easy to Redeem

User profile page gift certificate tab
User profile page gift certificate tab

Gift Certificates can be redeemed to a site-user account via a generated link, or at checkout.

Gift certificate list on checkout page
Gift certificate list on checkout page

Generate One or Bulk

Showing some love to your current customers is easier than ever!

Create a single gift certificate or a 100 at once, to keep customers coming back to your print shop.

Screenshot 2023-08-24 103043
Bulk Gift Certificate generation

There are multiple benefits from Pressero Gift Certificates.

  • Quick and easy bulk creation.
  • Tracking the purchase history for each Gift Certificate.
  • Customizable Gift Codes.
  • Allowing your customers more flexibility during payment.
  • Quick and easy redemption with just a click of a link.
  • Showing your customers some love.
  • Giving your customers another reason to come back.

Add Gift Certificates to Your Store Now!

To learn more about how to get started with gift certificates we’ve created an easy guide you can follow, here

Release Schedule

  • Chicago Servers: Monday, August 28
  • Amsterdam Servers: Tuesday, August 29
  • Singapore Servers: Tuesday, August 29
  • Dedicated Servers: Tuesday, September 5

Chris Beaven

I've been with Aleyant for over 13 years and now as the product owner I put the subscribers first and try to build our applications to solve real problems so our subscriber's business can flourish. If our subscribers are successful than we are successful.