New Pressero Updates – AvaTax, Stripe Integrations & More

In this blog:

  • Enhanced AvaTax Integration
  • Stripe Released in U.S.
  • (Coming Soon) Editing eDocBuilder Templates in Pressero


Enhanced AvaTax Integration

Aleyant is pleased to announce Pressero’s enhanced integration with Avalara AvaTax. With this release, subscribers will be able to create an AvaTax tax profile and add it to any site they choose.

As announced earlier this month, tax settings moved from the Site level to the Preferences level. The way you implement taxes going forward are now known as “Tax Profiles,” which allows you to create profiles at the Admin level and easily assign them to multiple sites.

You still apply the Tax Profile to a site at the Site level, in the General tab, but you now create and view all your new Tax Profiles in a single list page in Admin > Preferences > Tax Profiles.

To create a new AvaTax tax profile, obtain your AvaTax Account Number, License Key and Company Code by contacting Avalara and creating your AvaTax account. Open a support ticket with Aleyant to request that AvaTax integration be added to your account. After the integration is enabled, go to Admin > Preferences > Tax Profiles and click “+ Add New.”



Enter a name for the new profile then select “AvaTax” in the “Type” drop-down.



Enter your Account Number, License Key and Company Code. You can also choose to test the integration here using Test credentials prior to going live on your site. Click “Save” or “Test” as appropriate.



To assign an AvaTax Tax Profile to a site, go to Sites > [Select Site] > Settings > General and scroll to Tax. Click the “Choose Tax Profile” drop-down and select the name of the AvaTax Tax Profile you want to apply to the site.



Refer to “Integration – Avalara Tax Service”  in the Knowledge Base for complete instructions. For more information you can also reach out to our support team and they will get you connected with our Aleyant/Avalara support representative and they can help you to get started with your AvaTax account.

Also see our press release on the topic: Aleyant Partners with Avalara to Simplify U.S. & International Tax Calculation and Reporting.


Pressero Adds Stripe as New Payment Method in U.S.

Aleyant is excited to announce the addition of Stripe as a new Payment Method within Pressero in the U.S. (It was released in Europe in August.) After you set up an account with Stripe, Pressero will authenticate the account (and visually confirm the authentication) prior to you adding the new method to your site(s).

Find the full write-up of the process, with screens, in Chapter 018, Payment Methods, in the Knowledge Base.  Here’s an overview.

To set up Stripe in Pressero:

  • Go to Admin > Preferences > Payment Methods, click +Add New.
  • Enter the name of the payment method in the Method Name
  • Select Stripe in the Method Type drop-down.



  • Click the Test Mode check box if using test credentials.
  • Click Save.
  • In the Payment Methods list page, click the pen icon to enter edit mode for the Payment Method just created.
  • Note the “Authentication Required!” message. To authenticate, click the “Connect with Stripe” button as shown in the screen below. You will be taken to your Stripe account.


  • Scroll to the bottom of the page and click the “Authorize access to this account” button, after which you will return to Pressero immediately. The message will change to “Authenticated” as shown in the example below.



  • Note: This release adds a new “Status” column to the Payment Methods list page to display the authentication status (see example above). Not all payment methods use the same authentication method; therefore, some methods may not display a status in the Status column.


Edit eDocBuilder Templates in Pressero (Coming Soon)

We have an announcement regarding our commitment to continuously improve our integration between Pressero and eDocBuilder.

Currently you can add an eDocBuilder template to a product in Sites > [Select Site] > Catalog > Products >General (tab). In an upcoming release, subscribers will be able to click a new “Edit Selected Template” button from that location, which opens Field Designer in an overlay and enables you to make changes to, and save the selected template, without leaving Pressero. More to come on this time- and effort-saving feature in the next blog post.



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