New Pressero Feature: Budget Tracking

One of the most popular feature requests for the Aleyant Pressero™ web-to-print solution has been the ability to configure and track budgets for business-to-business sites. We are pleased to announce that our developers released an update to Pressero last night and that it includes the Budget Tracking feature for all Professional and Enterprise accounts. Thanks to all our clients who gave us feedback about this feature!

How to Configure Budget Tracking in your Pressero Admin Account

In the newly added Site > Budgets area, click “Add New Budget.”

The Site > Budgets area of the Pressero web-to-print system

Add new budgets to Site > Budgets in your Pressero admin area.

Next, enter information about this budget.

  • Code: This code represents the budget and is displayed at checkout to any users who are authorized to use it.
  • Description: Enter a general description for the budget, which will also be displayed at checkout to any users who are authorized to use it.
  • Type: Make a selection to set which users on the site will be able to use this budget. Choose from:
    • Site: All users of this site can use this budget.
    • Location: Only users assigned to a specific location can use this budget.
    • Department: Only users assigned to a specific department can use this budget.
    • Group: Only users who are members of a specific site group can use this budget.
    • User: Only a specific user can use this budget.
  • Target: If you select Location, Department, Group, or User from the Type menu, the Target menu will appear. Select the specific location, department, group, or user that should be able to use the budget.
  • Budget: Enter the total amount that may be spent against this budget. Do not include any currency symbols; the currency assigned through the site’s Culture in Site > Settings will automatically be used.
  • Recur: Select the frequency at which the budget should automatically recur. Choose from:
    • One Time: Use this setting if you do not want the budget to recur automatically.
    • Weekly
    • Monthly
    • Quarterly
    • Annually
  • Roll over balance: If you choose to have the budget recur automatically, the Roll Over Balance option will appear. Check this box to have any unused budget amount be applied to the next recurred budget.
  • Start Date: Enter the date and time at which this budget should first be available for use.
  • End Date: If you choose One Time from the Recur menu (i.e. if this budget will not recur), the End Date option will display. Enter the date and time at which this budget should no longer be available for use.

Click Save when you are finished.

Adding a new budget for a web-to-print business-to-business site

This sample budget allows members of the Midwest Sales Team department to spend $2000/month against the MWS budget. The balance rolls over automatically to the next month.

You will also need to activate budgets for your site in Site > Settings > General Info. In the Checkout section, check the Enable Budgets box. By default, the prompt that the customer will see at checkout to ask them to select a budget is “Select Budget to Use”. You can override this by entering text in the Budget Prompt box. Click Save when you are finished.

B2B web-to-print budgeting setup in Pressero

To ensure that budgets are active in your site, select “Enable Budgets” in Site > Settings > General Info.

To allow members of a site user group to view budget reports, set the “Ability to view budgets reports” permission to Allowed in Site > Site Groups > [Specific Group]. If you enable this for any of your users, you will also want to add the Budgets item to one or more of your site’s navigation menus in Site > Navigation.

Budgets in a Pressero B2B Storefront: Your Customers’ Experience

If you have enabled budgets in a site, each user will see an “Available Budget(s)” area on the shopping cart page. This will display a list of the user’s applicable budget(s) and the current balance(s).

web-to-print storefront budget information displayed to customer

An example of the Available Budget(s) area a user can see on the shopping cart page in their Pressero B2B site.

At checkout, the user can select from the budget(s) available to them to pay for the order. The budget code, description, and available balance are all displayed to help the user choose the correct budget to apply to the order.

Budget selection at web-to-print checkout in Pressero

An example of what the client would see for budget selection during checkout. Note that the custom budget prompt entered in Site > Settings > General Info appears here (“Select Account” in this example).

If you have enabled the client to view budget reports, they can do so on your B2B site’s /budgets page. They can select a budget from the Budget Details menu and view a list of transactions associated with that budget, as well as details about the budget and its current balance. To easily export the budget report in .xls, .pdf, .csv, or .doc format, they can click the appropriate icon above the list of transactions.

easy budgeting for web-to-print ecommerce site with Pressero

An example of what a site user who is allowed to view budget reports would see in the Budgets page

Budgets in a Pressero B2B Storefront: Your Experience

You can view and edit budget transactions in Site > Budgets. Use the Start Date and End Date entries at the top of the page to filter the budgets and applicable transactions by date. Click the > icon next to a budget to view transactions associated with it. To easily export the budget report in .xls, .pdf, .csv, or .doc format, click the appropriate icon above the list of transactions.

web-to-print storefront budgeting software

An example of what a Pressero admin user would see in the web-to-print budget reporting area.

Coming Soon: What’s Next for Budgeting?

Our developers are always hard at work enhancing many areas of Pressero, and Budgets is no exception. Subscribe to our blog to make sure you don’t miss any updates on features being added to the budgeting capabilities, including even more access to budget information throughout your admin area.

Your Next Steps

If you have a Pressero Professional or Enterprise subscription, no action is needed on your part to enable budgeting in your account. Our developers rolled out this feature last night, and it is available for you to use at any time! If you have a Standard subscription, you’ll need to upgrade your account to Professional or Enterprise in order to use this great new feature. If you’d like to learn more about upgrading, or if you’re already a Professional or Enterprise subscriber but would like some assistance configuring your budgets, submit a support request, and we will be happy to help you.