New Quick Price & Scheduling Features Now Available in Latest Aleyant PrintJobManager™ Release

New “Quick Price”

A new feature in this release is the “Quick Price” feature for PrintJobManager. After hearing from customers regarding how they need an option to simply open a product engine to provide a price for a walk-in customer or a phone call without having to navigate through the entire “New Order” process, we have developed this feature.

Users will now see a new blue “Quick Price” button at the top of the “Jobs” section.


When a user selects the blue Quick Price button, they will be prompted to select a product from the list.
From here, they enter the job details to calculate a price.



Once complete, if the user then wishes to turn this price into a Job or an Estimate, they can click on the Green button at the bottom of the page that says “Create New Order”


From there, users will then return to the initial page to create a new order and then create a Job or an Estimate.  Once they have navigated to either a Job or an Estimate, the pricing information that was created in Quick Price will then be transferred to the pricing section of the Job or Estimate.

Please note that Quick Price returns the pricing information for that product engine without shipping or tax included.

Updates to Scheduling

We have made additional updates to Scheduling Simplified version 1.0.  

Users using scheduling now have the ability to view all upstream work, based on the production sequence.     

For example, let’s pretend “cutting” in the bindery department is sequence number 5 in your process. When selecting the Cutter or the Bindery department, users would then be able to see all job statuses listed ahead of sequence number 5.  This was added to give users the ability to plan for work that hasn’t made it to their department or resource yet.

An additional update to scheduling is the ability to download and print the job ticket from any of the three scheduling views. This is done by clicking on the new ticket icon on the right side of the scheduler, as seen below.

In addition to these enhancements related to scheduling and the User Interface, we have also added new output fields to Zapier that include payment information and text fields.

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