PrintControlPro: The most simple way to control all of your printing color.



Especially Suitable For:

Printers (Conventional and Digital), Equipment and Consumable manufacturers and vendors.

Principal Functions:

  • TVI and NPDC calibration methods.

  • Colorimetric determination of print density for widest gamut and best
    color match.

  • Optimization and control of primary as well as secondary colors.

  • Curve calculation for optimizing printing plates as well as digital printing.

  • Grey balance analysis.

  • Paper classification and quality control based upon CIELAB values.

  • Knowledge base places all relevant print and standardization information at
    your fingertips.

  • Wizard-based, optimized print standardization routines to have all prints
    standardized in just hours.


  • Grey Balance and TVI Correction - Curve compensation and optimization using both NPDC and Tone Value Increase methods.

  • Knowledge Base - Information on standards, profiles, characterization data, machine maintenance, and more.
  • Standardization Wizard - Conventional offset printers will be guided through the process to reach high quality prints in no time.

  • Substrate Database - Organize and assure the quality of all your paper stocks. Automatic classification based upon L*a*b* values, search and filter by cost, manufacturer, paper type, as well as comparison of reflectance curves, dE, and more.

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