QualityControl: Turn your i1 Pro into an advanced spectrodensitometer!


Especially Suitable For:

Print shops, Quality control personnel, Service technicians, laboratories and consultants.

Densitometry Principal Functions:

  • Density
  • All Densities
  • Density Difference
  • Dot Gain
  • Print Curve 
  • Dot Gain Curve
  • Dot Area
  • Print Contrast
  • Trapping
  • Hue Error
  • Greyness


Colorimetry Principal Functions:

  • Color Difference
  • Reflectance
  • Delta
  • Visual Match


Spot Colors:

  • Color Libraries – store and manage colors with interactive drag and drop.
  • Import color libraries from Adobe Color Books and Adobe Color Swatches, cXf3, CGATS17, IFRX, and CSV file formats.
  • Automatic detection of dominant spectral density.



  • i1 Support - Works with the i1 Pro and i1 Pro v2. Extremely simple and intuitive interface requires no user training
  • Provides spot measurement capability currently missing in most i1 software.
  • Flexible configuration - Color difference formula, illuminant, observer, metamerism index, tone values, and status filter.
  • OS: Windows

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