RapidCheck: Making Quality Control Quick and Simple.



Especially Suitable For:

Printers (Conventional and Digital), Print suppliers, Printing machine manufacturers, Print buyers and Advertising agencies.

Principal Functions:

  • Supports international (ISO 12647-2 and -3 and GRACoL) as well in-house standards.

  • Multiple measurements for averaging – on the same sheet, multiple sheets within a job, or multiple jobs.

  • Editor for defining your own checking parameters as well as control wedges.

  • Direct connection to all of the most common measurement devices.

  • Integrates seamlessly with Intellitrax and EasyTrax.

  • Import and export of data to connect with other systems such as ink formulation and quality control.


  • Simple Print ReportIn seconds, a quick glance will tell you all you need to know about your printing quality.

  • Trending  - Check your print quality over time to understand which factors are affecting your production. Customize your views by customer, job, ink, paper, date, or other parameters to know how to best optimize your process.

  • Spot Color Support - Use color libraries, import CXF, and check Pantone colors. The perfect companion for packaging applications.

  • Troubleshooter - The online troubleshooter will help you to understand why printing problems occur, and what you can do to correct them. Let RapidCheck take the mystery out of getting the right color and print quality!

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