Aleyant Automated Workflow Integrator


Aleyant Automated Workflow Integrator is a desktop application (Mac/Windows/Linux) that automates job submission into the production process using hot folders. It integrates the Pressero storefront order placement system with backend production workflow systems, eliminating the need to manually download and sort orders.

Automated Workflow Integrator is configured by the user to connect with the online storefront(s) job management area on a set schedule, retrieve files and order data based on configurable criteria, and push them into user defined hot folders. This enables orders to be automatically placed into product or production specific workflows, saving labour and time. The files can be automatically renamed by Automated Workflow Integrator with dates, etc. to facilitate internal processes and quality control.

Automated Workflow Integrator is ideal for those who want a ready-to-use but highly flexible integration between the online storefronts and the production process without the expense and programming of using XML Web Services. However, an API for XML Web Services is available as well.

Download our recent webinar on this integration here