Caldera Streamlive


StreamLive is an easy-to-use SaaS application that allows you to create your ideal production process, track jobs in real time and automate your most time-consuming tasks. The entry-level product includes an impressive range of features. StreamLive is cloud-based and allows users to create customer job sheets, submit files to software workflow, connect with Caldera RIP and automate e-mail reporting. The functionality of this scalable software suite can be extended with a wide range of bolt-on options – allowing you to tailor it to specific needs while controlling costs. The options include a calendar-based planning module, custom document generation, preflight and connections to a range of popular software packages. With Pressero’s web-to-print storefront seamlessly feeding Caldera StreamLive with online orders, users will benefit from enhanced productivity, error-correcting capabilities that will reduce mistakes, and a huge time savings resulting from this automated workflow.