Ecoffi Masterprint


Our partnership between Aleyant and Ecoffi is based on a seamless integration of our company’s Pressero product and Ecoffi’s Masterprint product. The primary objective of this collaboration is to streamline order tracking and provide an optimal customer experience.

This integration occurs in two key stages. The first stage involves synchronizing orders placed on Pressero with the Masterprint MIS/ERP system. As a result, each order is automatically linked to a quote, which is then converted into a job. The progress and tracking of the job are communicated back to the Pressero platform, allowing the customer to monitor the status of their order from their order history.

The second stage of our partnership focuses on the connection with Masterprint’s quoting robot. This feature allows clients to request quotes for non-standard products directly from the Pressero interface. The quoting robot automatically calculates the project’s cost, and within 20 seconds, the quote is available in the customer’s personal space on the Pressero store. The customer can then review and download their quote and even purchase it online using the same order channel as for standard orders.

In conclusion, our partnership between Aleyant and Ecoffi enables a smooth integration between Pressero and Masterprint, offering improved order management and optimized tracking for our clients. Thanks to this collaboration, customers can quickly obtain customized quotes and track their orders in real-time, directly from their personal space on the Pressero platform.