PCI Compliance Enhancements, V1 Shipping Options & More Available in Latest Aleyant Pressero™ Release

In this blog post:

  • PCI Compliance Enhancements
  • V1 Shipping Options – Ending Soon (Action Required)
  • Release notes now available
  • Product Enhancements
  • ShipStation Integration
  • New “Tour” Plug-in


PCI Compliance Enhancements

In this release, in order to provide Pressero subscribers with more secure payment methods so that your customers’ financial information is better protected, we are implementing new versions of your current Payment Methods.

Why are we doing this?
To protect from a possible breach of security that would allow the compromise of users’ credit card information.

Who does this affect?
All Pressero subscribers are affected by this update.

What action is required for Pressero subscribers?
Pressero subscribers must re-enter all of their Payment Methods for the following payment methods:

  • Re-enter existing Authorize.Net CIM or Authorize.Net Standard method(s) as “Authorize.Net Hosted”
  • Re-enter existing CyberSource method(s) as “CyberSource Hosted”
  • Re-enter existing Moneris method(s) as “Moneris Hosted”
  • Re-enter existing PayFlow Payments Gateway method(s) and PayPal Payments Pro method(s) as “PayFlow Pro Hosted”

What is the timeframe to do this?
We are asking Pressero subscribers to create and implement the new Payment Methods over the next two weeks (by August 28). We have a target date for shutoff of the non-PCI Compliant methods of October 9.

Has the process to create Payment Methods changed?
Yes. There are still two steps to implement a payment method but some of the settings within the payment methods have changed. 1) Create Payment Method in Preferences > Payment Methods (+Add New), and 2) at the site level, go to Settings > Payments tab to add the appropriate Payment Method to each of your sites.

The updated process for all Payment Methods is documented in the Knowledge Base articles about creating payment methods (Chapter 18 Payment Methods) and setting up payment methods per site (Chapter 38 Setting Up the Payment Methods for Sites). The Knowledge Base article about setting up Authorize.Net Hosted as a payment method has also been updated (Setting Up Authorize.Net in Pressero).

What else has changed?
We have implemented the capability to customize the look of payment buttons (for those companies that allow customization).



V1 Shipping Options – Ending Soon (Action Required)

As previously announced, we re-wrote our integrations with Australia Post, FedEx, UPS, UPS Freight, and USPS (United States Postal Service). With each new integration came many new services. The old versions are no longer supported and are scheduled for removal. The change requires Pressero subscribers to switch from V1 to the new V2 options or the integrations will stop working in your storefronts.

To set this up, go to Admin > Preferences > Shipping and look for the new versions indicated with a “V2” at the end of the name.



Pressero Release Notes Now Available

Pressero Release Notes are available in the Knowledge Base. The document lists product enhancements and bug fixes for recent software releases.

Pressero Product Enhancements

Also in this release we introduced the following enhancements:

  • Custom Profile Fields are now available to use as tags in all email notifications.
  • We updated the user interface to make Pressero more user friendly for mobile users.
  • We implemented a connection to ShipStation via Embedded Services.


  • The new “Tour” plug-in provides “What’s New?” information to show you what has changed in the most recent Pressero software release. Click “NEXT” to scroll through the changes; click “EXIT” to end the Tour at any time.


  • We implemented several bug fixes.

Therese McGady

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