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FeatureAdvancedPremierPremier DS
Customizable Website Skins

eDocBuilder Template System

B2B Sales Tool

Instant B2C Print Site

B2B Private Sites3 (included)UnlimitedUnlimited
B2C Public Sites2 (included)3 (included)3 (included)
Informational Websites (no cart)233
1-on-1 Personal Training8 Sessions10 Sessions12 Sessions
Storage Space150 GB200 GB250 GB
FTP Accounts152025
Hosting Custom Website SkinsOptional

Automated Workflow Integrator-

Ongoing Tech Support, Updates

Responsive Website Designs

Global Languages, Currencies, etc.

Small, Large, Grand Format

SEO, Analytics

FaceBook, Google, Twitter Sign in

Instant Price Calculations

Inventory Tracking (Finished Goods)


Proof Manager


Budgets (B2B)

Shipping Cost Integrations

Promotion/Coupon Discounts

Credit Card & Payment Integrations

Custom Email Notifications

Custom Order Approval Plans (B2B)

Custom Job Status

Order Outsourcing

MIS, Imposition, Workflow Integrations

Single Sign On (SSO)OptionalOptionalOptional
SAML AuthenticationOptionalOptionalOptional
cXML PunchoutOptionalOptionalOptional
API XML Web ServicesOptionalOptionalOptional
B2B or B2COptionalOptionalOptional
Expert ServicesOptionalOptionalOptional
Store SetupOptionalOptionalOptional
Dedicated Server

The Aleyant Pressero and Aleyant eDocBuilder web-to-print software solutions received the Printing Industries of America's prestigious 2013 InterTech Technology Award for technologies predicted to have a major impact on the graphic arts and related industries.

Aleyant's acclaimed Pressero storefront system has all the capabilities you'd expect from an award-winning, top-rated, web-to-print solution.
Sure, we have have a few add-ons for those with extra special requirements. But the majority of print service providers will find that everything they need is already included in one of our hosted, software-as-a-service packages.

Website Flexibility Features

FeatureAdvancedPremierPremier DS
B2B "Corporate" Storefronts3UnlimitedUnlimited
B2C "Retail" Storefronts233
Informational Websites233
Storefront Root Level Domains123
Storefront SubdomainsUnlimitedUnlimitedUnlimited
Choice of Customizable Storefronts

Switch Site Designs on the Fly

Custom Website SkinsAvailableAvailableAvailable
Custom Site Navigation

Multiple Navigation Menus

Submenu Support

CMS (Content Management System)

WYSIWYG Page Editor

Full Control of Content Area HTML

Automatic Link Generation

B2C Search Engine Optimization Features

FeatureAdvancedPremierPremier DS
SEO Support

Metatag Control

Site-Wide Analytics (Google, Yahoo, Bing)

Landing Pages for Search Ads

Integrated Social Media (Twitter, RSS, etc.)

Friendly, Definable URLs

Virtual Domain Name Support

Canonical URL Designation

RDFa Semantic Tagging

Complete Print Sales & Services Features

FeatureAdvancedPremierPremier DS
Sell New & Repeat Orders

Sell Standard Print Items

Sell Custom Print Items

Sell Inventoried Items

Searchable Product Catalog

Transactional Inventory Control

Sell Personalized Items

Online Proofing

Integrated File Transfer

Integrated Web-Based FTP

Promotional Discounts

Product Expiration

Interactive Form Builder

Common Asset Area

Print Personalization Features

FeatureAdvancedPremierPremier DS
Create Your Own Customizable Templates

Interactive Designer

QR Codes & Barcode Support

Optimized PDFs & PPML


Variable Data Merge from Excel

Robust E-Commerce Features

FeatureAdvancedPremierPremier DS
e-Commerce Shopping Cart

Save Cart from Session to Session

Interactive Pricing Calculators

User Specified Grid-Based Pricing

Re-Order from History

Pick-Up, Delivery Vehicle, Courier Shipping

Real-Time Shipping Rates

Split Shipments

Accept MC, Visa, AmEx, Discover, PayPal

Extensive Order Management Features

FeatureAdvancedPremierPremier DS
Job Ticketing

Estimating/Quoting Workflow

Alerts & Notifications

Multi-Location Management

Approval WorkflowCustomCustomCustom
Barcode Tracking

Inventory Level Alerts

Invoice Reports

Inventory & Product Usage Reports

MIS Integration

3rd Party App IntegrationAvailableAvailableAvailable
Data Export vis JDF, Excel, CSV

Content Management

User Management

Proof Manager

Outside Vendor Interface

Distributed Sales Support Features

FeatureAdvancedPremierPremier DS
Outside Broker Interface

Added Services

FeatureAdvancedPremierPremier DS


Professional ServicesAvailableAvailableAvailable
Custom Website CreationAvailableAvailableAvailable
Create Your Own Skins with Access to CSSAvailableAvailableAvailable

Enhanced Capabilities & Add-on Features

FeatureAdvancedPremierPremier DS
Custom Notifications

Custom Approval Workflows

Catalog Image Pack

Interactive Designer

Custom Job Workflows