Pressero 4.11.11 Released

Pressero v4.11.11 was released over the weekend. Here’s a list of the new features:

  • Assets can now be assigned to a specific group or specific user rather than just a product or site level.  In addition, assets can now be used directly from the eDocBuilder document customization page.
  • Purchase order requirements can be overridden on a per user basis.  You can still assign purchase order requirements on a site wide basis.
  • New site group permission to allow group members to see all orders in their location.
  • “Sharing Scripts” have been enabled on B2B sites.  This allows you to paste in a script from a 3rd party site to allow for services like online support chats.
  • Added ability to override taxes on a per product level.
  • For custom skin developers: new parameter in the RSS tag to control the number of characters displayed in an RSS feed